Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Be Blessed Lovelies

I haven't blogged in quite a long time... however, this is one of those things that pulled me out of writers block and back into blogland because that's where I met this sweet lady.

Be Blessed Lovelies.... that's how all of her blogs would end, that's just the kind of girl she was!

Leslie Sisti and I "met" through blogging and I just was amazed by her joy, positive personality and contagious smile that shined through something simple as a computer screen. She would gather bloggers and friends every Friday for "confessional Friday" and we would all confess our inner thoughts or shopping desires without feeling judged.

Leslie would often email me or leave comments on my blog to check in while Andy was deployed and just make sure I was OK. She was a woman who loved Jesus and was true to her Southern values. She leaves behind a husband and two beautiful daughters, both who are under 2. They won't know how much Leslie loved to be their momma, but they will know the joy she spread just by reading her blog.

Leslie, you will be missed sister. The blogging world has lost one of the best and we will miss your smile, your keen sense of fashion, but most of all your love for others.

There is a Go Fund Me account for the future of Caroline and Ainsley, Leslie's two girls. Support if you can, but please take the time to lift this precious familiy up in prayer.