Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking for Love!

Weird post header, right? Well not really.... over at Kelly's Korner they are having a SINGLES day and I am proud to introduce one of our most favorite people in the world!! My family loves this amazing guy so much that we have adopted him into our family!
Let me introduce to you, our brother from another mother, Sunny!

I met Sunny, 31 year old tall dark and handsome guy, through my brother's crossfit gym while living in Maryland with my brother and sister in law... and let me tell you, my first impression of Sunny was "does this guy ever stop talking?!" Well people, he doesn't. :)  And that's one of the best qualities about him!

Sunny is from India and has lived in the states for about 10 years. If you ever watch Big Bang Theory, he sounds like Raj. He owns his own restaurant/lounge and you can really tell he's in his element when he's at work.

Sunny is a big kid at heart. He would do anything for anyone and is so genuine and kind.
He is someone who loves life and his friends become his family.
He is amazing with kids and wants to find the perfect lady to enjoy a family with!

Sunny is an avid Crossfitter, spontaneous, very optimistic, enjoys life and is just waiting to meet Ms. Right!
Email me or post a comment if you are ready to meet my brother! He's quite the catch and you would be a lucky, lucky girl! :)