Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey there, Stranger!

Hello friends and family... and if I have any blog readers left, a special hello to you! Our life, post-deployment has been nuts! It's been so nice settling back into our routine of life together... and just being in the moment each and every day!

I have TONS of pictures to post... so once I'm ready to sort through them, I will post some... but until then here are some updates....

~ Andy is HOME! oh wait.... you probably knew that already ;)
~ Our sweet niece, Amelia was born just 5 days after Uncle Andy came home... I think she was waiting for him to be back from the sand pit ;) She entered the world on September 15th, and as most of you know.. my brother and SIL didn't find out what the gender was until she made her appearance and we are THRILLED to have a little pink in our lives! I get to meet sweet Amelia June in 3 days! :)
~ I got a job! Back in the medical field working at a Behavioral Health office and I.LOVE.IT. Could not be happier. My heart is in medicine, and I am back in familiar territory.
~ Andy and I had a miscarriage. It was devastating and sad, however we were SO early into the pregnancy that we didn't really even realize we were pregnant. Still a sad thing to go through, you think you are almost ready for kids, then you have one that could have been your little baby and then it's gone... all in a matter of a few days. It will happen when it's time. All in God's will :)
~ We got another puppy. His name is Duke and he's adorable. (Daisy and Duke)... get it??
~ We made a trip back to Maryland for a good friend (really a brother from another mother)'s restaurant anniversary and are going back Wednesday night for Thanksgiving.
~ We are so happy and so in love and THRILLED to be back under the same roof. :)

Pictures and more updates to come later... miss you all!