Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our home!

Our home is finally up and going! Here's a tour ....

The view when you walk in our front door ... 

To the left when you walk in... 

LOVE our living room set!! 

Every home we have had or will ever have... This is the first to go up :) 

Kitchen leading into dining room...

Not sure why this turned out so dark... 

This is the hallway if you go to the right from the front door 


Our room 

Walk in closet :) 

Our guest room... Come visit! 

One of d's favorite places ...

Landry room/Daisy's room haha! 

Her other favorite spot. 

That's our home :)


  1. Oh, sweet, sweet Daisy. She is so precious:) Looks like you've got a cozy, loving home for your hubby to come back to - he will LOVE it!!!

  2. It looks beautiful!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!! So excited for you two to be reunited! Praying!!! So glad to see you blogging again. :)

  3. It looks beautiful! I love all of your frames and decorations! :) I can't wait to see you two reunited!!!!

  4. You have a nice home. Great job decorating!