Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our home!

Our home is finally up and going! Here's a tour ....

The view when you walk in our front door ... 

To the left when you walk in... 

LOVE our living room set!! 

Every home we have had or will ever have... This is the first to go up :) 

Kitchen leading into dining room...

Not sure why this turned out so dark... 

This is the hallway if you go to the right from the front door 


Our room 

Walk in closet :) 

Our guest room... Come visit! 

One of d's favorite places ...

Landry room/Daisy's room haha! 

Her other favorite spot. 

That's our home :)

Update and birthday festivities!

Life has been crazy since I last blogged... And no, Andy still isn't home.... But he will be soon! There is an end in sight so that is so encouraging!!

As for me, I am back in Georgia and pretty settled. I've found a crossfit gym on base that is pretty good (not quite as good as my brother and sister in laws but I'm thankful for it!) ... The commissary on post has pretty much all of my cooking/baking needs... I just found out today we have a bountiful 
Basket every other week... So I'm pretty much set! Now I just need my soldier to come home! 

I wanted to do an update on my time in Maryland.... I left with a bang! My sweet sister in law threw a huge goodbye/happy birthday surprise party for me and it was amazing!!!! I. WAS. SHOCKED! I think I still am a little bit! Haha. I'll post pictures below... 

I cannot tell you how thankful I was/am for the 8 months I spent with my family. The things I learned while there is something I will appreciate for the rest of my life. And I'm down a whopping 85 pounds! Started in a size 24 and I'm in a 16 :)  still have a way to go... But I'm on the right track! 

Hopefully the next post I write will be a welcome home Andy post... Until then, here are some pictures! 

I'm still amazed that all these people showed up for me!!! Such sweet friends!

My sil created a photo booth and it was a blast!!!

A-m-a-z-I-n-g paleo birthday cake that jade took so much time to make!! Delicious!!! 

I must say... It was probably one of my most favorite birthdays! If Andy would have been there it would have been the perfect day!! 

Here are some pictures from the rest of the birthday weekend! 

This sweet boy was happy to help me finish another piece of cake ;)