Friday, July 5, 2013


I'm blogging from 50,000 feet up in the air... On the way back to Maryland after 8 days of fun! The pictures will do the talking...

Sister stole my iPad 
Father daughter time on the swing :)

Got to spend a few nights with my in-laws! 

A trip home is not complete without a few things... This would be one of them. My mother in laws homemade enchiladas! Yum. 

Got to spend a few days with my 3 favorite brothers!!! Our nephews are getting SO big :( time needs to slow down (after September of course) ;)

Jaron's "dogles" 

Pool time! 

So excited for a drink from sonic! 

Saw a few of my old coworkers/friends! 

Snuggled with my parents dog, Dani.

Face timed with Andy :)

Took these two cuties on a date! (Jayson was at therapy so he didn't get to go with us)

SO excited to see despicable me 2!! 

I love our nephews so much! They are so fun to spoil!!! 

 We spent a lot of time decorating my parents house and even putting furniture together.

The fourth was a blast.... My mom always throws fun parties, but I especially love this holiday. I really love it because its the LAST holiday away from my hubby!!!!!! 

See the A for Andy and N for Nate? Cookies for our guys who couldn't be home.

My dad taking a much needed break.

Decorations are my favorite 

My sweet mom and I! 

Fruit flag cake! 

Game time! 

And then fireworks. 

Time to go back to Maryland for a month then to Georgia to set up our home and welcome my soldier back!!!! 

I hope your fourth was fun and that you took a moment to thank those fighting for our freedom both here and over the pond! 

See you in two months Idaho... Next time I'll be bringing precious cargo! ;) 

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