Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moments of moodiness.

Do you ever have moods where you just feel angry and don't know why? I felt that a little today and I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with me... And the worst part is I treated the person I love the most... The worst. Hate myself for it. We hung up from FaceTime and I immediately felt awful but in the 5 seconds it took me to call back Andy had already turned off his computer. So here I am, stuck with my guilt and feeling awful for how I treated him. I am thankful he loves me even when I'm grumpy and moody. Poor guy puts up with me no matter what. 

I had a good talk with my sister in law about it and after that I felt better. Still need to apologize over FaceTime to Andy, but I was able to figure out why i was so grumpy. 

My life, even tho I don't have a set desk job is go go go. And that's what I prefer! It helps make this deployment go fast, it kees me busy, and focuses ... But sometimes I just need to take a moment to slow down and appreciate the little things! And you know what the funniest part of it all is.... We were in a tornado watch with NO power all afternoon. Like, almost 5 hours!!! Is that God saying "slow down Randi" or what?! Jackson, Daisy and I sat in the basement and played for a good 30 minutes during the tornado (all is well... Don't worry), and then all afternoon we just made tents, played, read books and just enjoyed life. It was wonderful. Especially because 2 months from today I will be in a packed car driving back to Georgia... I cherish these moments with my brother, sister in law and nephew because they are coming to an end soon. Bitter sweet. 

Anyways.... Enough beating myself up for the day... Here is our exciting news!

We got the neighborhood we wanted back at on post housing in Georgia AND its downstairs!!!! First floor folks. Daisy will have a little yard and I might even plant a garden! The possibilities are endless... 

Here are some pictures of our not too exciting but super busy life! ;) 

I dead lifted 200 lbs. finally.

Dancing in the rain!

Breakfast date with this ham at Cracker Barrell 
Daisy is loving all the rain. I, however am not. Well... I love the rain but I don't love bathing her constantly! She just loves a good mud pile tho, so I let her go.

Waiting out the tornado in the basement.

Chats with my little brother always make me smile. Keep him in your prayers if you will... He deployed as well.
As if he wasn't amazing enough, I saw he posted this on some Facebook site. 

I'm a lucky lady, even when I'm grumpy he still loves me. 

Happy Friday eve everyone! 

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  1. I think everybody has those days! I know I sure do - and my sweet hubby usually gets the brunt of it too, unfortunately! So glad to hear that you all got the neighborhood you wanted, and the floor you wanted. I know that having a ground level will make it a lot easier on you with Daisy, and it will be so nice to be able to have a little garden:) I know you will miss your family, but I am def looking forward to you coming back to GA so we can finally have a blogger date, yay!!!:)