Thursday, May 16, 2013

The dark side!

I did it... I had my weight loss makeover! You know, on biggest loser half way through the have their makeover session....  Well I had mine today! You ready?????

It's dark! Not super dark, but dark to someone who usually has blonde hair!! 

(Wind blown effect)

I took this this evening in the kitchen and it doesn't look so dark anymore...

And here's the top.

I LOVE it!!! It's definitely a change but I needed something to go along with this 60 pound weight loss!!

Andy likes it too so that's all that matters ;) I can't wait for him to see all hard work in person!!

Happy Friday eve! ;)


  1. Great job girl! So proud of you! I think the color looks fabulous.

  2. You look really good! Call me if you have time to get together when you are home visiting. We should get together sometime.