Monday, May 20, 2013

Our weekend!

We had a pretty busy but fun weekend! Friday night I got to watch a friends 8 week old baby! His name is John-Mark and he is precious! 
I thought it would help my baby fever but it actually made it worse. Heaven help me make it to September! And then to next year when we start trying. 

Saturday we spent at the gym, went to a farmers market, and then my dad came to visit in the evening. 
How delicious do these strawberries look??? They were amazing!!!!

Everyone loves Grampy!!
Story time! 

Daisy and I went to the dog park on Sunday for a little bit while my dad and brother did some work at the gym. We had fun and she was pooped! Win. Win.

We had five guys for dinner Sunday... Can you tell Jackson was enjoying his bacon?? :)
I bought this Essie mint candy apple color... It's different but I think I like it. 

This is the countdown I use for Andy's homecoming... Look at that green!!!! Go green go!
What product do you use?? I invested in some of this pureology... AMAZING! It's pricey but so worth it!!! My hair feels amazing! Go get some! 
See those blisters? Pull ups. I may have ugly hands but I'll take it as long as I have the healthy body to go with it! 

We are just hanging out today... Enjoying the sunshine! 


  1. looks like a wonderful weekend! seriously can jackson get any cuter??! love that nail color- must paint my nails soon :-)

  2. Ok, there is more green than red on that pie chart :) That is a good thing!