Monday, May 6, 2013

For my Andy.

I haven't blogged for a few days.. and someone (ahem... Andy) called me out on it... so this one is for you, love!

It's been a great few days... I've been up early, felt productive, even changed out of my yoga pants and t-shirt a few times! (thank you to all who commented and gave suggestions). But today... today was especially great. I didn't think I would get to talk to Andy at all because I was thinking he would be unavailable... well, I was wrong. He texted at his usual time... right after my workout. Which usually means I'm still sweaty and completely gross... a way that only he would find me still beautiful. So we face-timed for a little while and went our separate ways and would talk again later in the day before he goes to bed. While we were talking later, he had me laughing so hard that my stomach was hurting! I don't even remember what we were laughing about, but I just know that I haven't laughed that hard in 146 days. 2 days before he deployed. It was a laugh that only Andy knows how to bring out... a laugh that comes from deep in my belly and warms my heart. So.. my point in all of this, I'm so incredibly thankful for my husband. I'm thankful that he can still make me smile and laugh from all the way "over there".... I'm thankful that he picked me to be his wife, and that he spends each and every waking moment showing me how much he loves me.... I'm thankful that he told me to quit my job and go to Maryland so I can get healthy. I'm thankful that he has patience like my mother (the other person who knows how to put up with me when I'm in a bad mood). I'm thankful when he has a bad mood moment, because it makes me realize I could have it much worse! (he's not that bad when he has a bad mood)... I'm thankful that he has pride for his country and is willing to sacrifice for people he doesn't even know. But most of all... I'm thankful that he's coming home soon.

I've heard that when one comes home from a deployment it's hard adjusting back to life... and I am ready for whatever comes our way.. but I also know that this time apart has taught us so much more about each other that we never thought possible... and I know that whatever comes our way, we will deal with it together. Because let's face it... at least we'll be together.

So to those reading this... if you have a loved one in your life that makes you laugh so hard you forget about everything around you... hug them. Hug them tight and tell them how much you appreciate them because you just never know.

And to my love... thank you for today. Thank you for reminding me that you are here for me not always physically, but always emotionally. Thank you for being the amazing man you are, and thank you for loving me with all that is in you. I cherish you and CANNOT WAIT to be in your arms again! I Love You!! xxxoo


  1. How sweet!! It is an adjustment having them back after a long deployment but it's so special and you are just so glad to have them back that it smooths out pretty well.

  2. This is precious. Randi, you are lucky to have such a wonderful husband. But Andy is lucky too, to have such a wonderful wife! I'm glad he encouraged you to move to Maryland while he was gone - I think that this deployment would have been SO much tougher without the support network of family you have around you right now. And the weight loss goals would have been harder to reach too! So, all in all, I think you guys made the best decisions and can celebrate those in just a few months when he returns:) It may take some adjusting when Andy gets back, but you two will be happier than ever just to be together and I can't wait to help you celebrate when that day arrives!!!:)

  3. This makes my heart smile!! I'm SO happy for you and this day!!! You so so deserve it! I know you have been working so hard keeping busy and doing things for yourself over this break, but it's going to be here before you know it! You've been so strong and I can't wait for your hunny to come home!