Thursday, May 2, 2013

Confessional Friday... on a Thursday.

It's been a while since I've linked up with Leslie for a confession session... and since I'm not sure if I'll get around to blogging tomorrow, so I'm doing mine today. :)

So.. here we go ladies! (and the few gents that read this).....

1. Do you stay at home mom's have a problem getting up and dressed every day? I feel like I workout, and then come home, shower and put on yoga pants and a t-shirt. My husband isn't here so I have no one to impress... but I should still get fixed up, right? What are your suggestions?? Today I went fancy and put on some mascara with my sweats.

2. It's May. Which is one month closer to September. I'm quite excited about that.

3. My little brother left today for Japan. He's a Marine and will be stationed out there for 2 years... I've been a little sad lately, I just wish all 4 of us (and our spouses) were in the same city for even just a day.

4. I'm having more blood work drawn tomorrow... and am going to tell the doctor NO MORE IRON pills. Has anyone been on those before? ugh.

5. I'm going home next month to help my mom with her 4th of July party and am so excited! I love a good BBQ and I love 4th of July the most so it will be a fun time!

6. I have the best husband in the world. Seriously. The man is perfect... and I'm beyond blessed! I tell you, if you ever want to appreciate your loved one more, have them leave for 9 months. I was madly in love with him before, but now... I just can't live without him!

7. I'm pretty much dead set on this cute little tv stand. So honey, if you don't like it... I am sorry. I really really love it!
Threshold™ Windham Accent Cabinet

8. And I'm thinking no on the crazy floral accent chair... and go with these pillows instead.

Tropical Floral Toss Pillow (16.5x16.5")

on this kind of couch...that way I have the option to go with blue, tan and black...

because I LOVE this for an end table!
Accent Table with Two Doors - Black

what do you think?


  1. Randi I LOVE the colors of the couches you picked! And the pillows and everything else too, what fun to think ahead and window shop! To be honest I was in love with the hawaiian flowery ottoman, but my hubby would have probably said the same thing about it! :)

    As for your stay at home mom question, it is dang hard to get a shower in and look beautiful all the time because you are always getting messy with kid stuff, but I am always trying to at least be intentional in picking COLORFUL shades I love in comfortable easy clothing, finding fun easy 2 minute hairdos, and I really try to dress fun for church or when we go out just so I don't get stuck in perpetual slobness. And really gussy up when date night comes around. :)

  2. Still loving your home decor picks! They will be super cute - but not too feminine, so hopefully Andy will like them too:) Especially the turquoise tv stand. That's a MUST in my opinion! And the iron pills - yuck! I've had to go on those before and they really messed up my system. I can totally understand you wanting to be off them! Happy Weekend, Randi!:)