Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheers to the weekend!

Lets see.... This week I've babysat 4 times (and love it), worked out 6 (love-hated that), talked with my sweet husband daily (REALLY LOVE that) and hung out with family (also loved that). 

This was my outfit on Sunday before church... That top was snug a few weeks ago when I bought it. Happy day! 

I went shopping Sunday after church and look where I can shop now!!!! I bought 3 bras and then ordered one off their website... I like them but don't LOVE them. I'm hoping the one I ordered comes in soon and I love that... Because at $56.00 a pop, the 2 I haven't worn are going back to VS! 

Found and fell in love with this couch on my shopping trip... Macy's has some amazing deals on furniture right now! You like my love?? 

Hung out with these 2 a lot this week and love every second of it! 

Daisy and I took a nap like this one day. 
And then fell asleep like this last night. I love her. 

I started whole 30 again before I go to Idaho, today's lunch was 100% beef hot dogs, sauerkraut, horseradish mustard, and fruit. Delish! 

I babysit for a family on base and I had to stop because this guy was crossing the street. Haha! Still not used to a aviation base! 

Found this cute dress but my mom said it was Sunday morning church cute but I needed something sexy for when Andy comes home. Ha ha! That is why I love my mom! So... Give me your favorite stores since I can shop pretty my anywhere now! At first I was thinking blue (brings out my eyes) but a friend said pink would make them pop! So I will be on the search for a hot pink one to try on this weekend. Of course, I love pink so that didn't take much convincing ;) 

Happy Friday, friends! 

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  1. I think hot pink, or even red, would be stunning on you! But blue would be gorgeous too, if that's what you end up going with. I'm sure Andy really won't notice what you're wearing, he will just be SO happy to finally see you!!! And yay for being able to shop wherever you want - you go girl. That's awesome:) I don't know if you have this up where you are, but if not you can check them out online: Francesca's. They have super cute little dresses and tops and I think you could definitely find some adorable stuff!