Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday friends! I had a busy day today babysitting in the morning, then got a work out in then hung out with my sweet nephew while my sister was at the gym... I'm trying to savor all these moments I have with Jackson since I will be leaving in 4 months. It's totally bitter sweet... I adore this little guy so much, as I do all our nephews and I really hope Andy and I can be half the parents our siblings are! We've had great examples along the way so that's a plus! ;)

Daisy continues to drive me crazy and make me adore her all at the same time. Sweet thing really is a trooper tho... she's been through a lot in her 2 short years! I just need to remind myself to be consistent and be patient with her. I've spent a lot more one on one time with her so that's been helping. We found a dog park that we LOVE! :)

As I write this, she's drinking  Jackson's bath water while he bathes. Quite the duo those two. He just says "too-sty (thirsty) Deeeezy (Daisy)" .

Andy is doing well... he is safe, so that's all that matters in my book. Keep praying, we covet all your prayers and thoughts! I want to write a blog series with the two of us once he comes home. Honey, you up for it? The do's and don'ts on a deployment.  ha ha!

Oh, good news on the weight loss journey.... I ran a mile today (well more like walked/jogged it) and it only took me 11:28 vs the 17 something it did last time. Lemme tell you, running and I do NOT get along.... but it's all in your attitude. And my little secret... I ran like Andy was at the stop sign (where we turn around) and then ran like he was at the gym. It worked.

Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement on coming back to blog land. I really cherish the friends I've made through this and want you all to know that!

I've got to go get a little monkey out of the bath and read a book then bedtime so I'm out for now!



  1. Glad to hear that Andy is safe and that you are doing well. Do you know where you two will be headed once Andy is home from deployment? If you end up back in GA, I would love to meet up! I can't believe we were so close before Andy left and never thought to get together.

    Also, I really think that my Ellie and your Daisy would totally be BFF's from all you've written about her! They seem to have such similar personalities and I just bet they would get along great. I'm so glad she's been able to be there with you while Andy's been gone. I know she's been a great comfort to you:)

    PS: I don't like running either! But I am so excited for you and your weight loss journey, and can't wait to hear all about how Andy reacts when he sees you for the first time!!! So exciting:)

  2. Glad you are exercising your way through the deployment and making the best of the time that you have!