Thursday, March 14, 2013


It's been 3 months since Andy left.... Which means we are 1/3 of the way through!! Wooo hoooo! It feels like it should be more than that, but I'll take what I can! I miss him!

I back squatted 125 yesterday and dead lifted 160 today! I probably could have done a little more on the dead lift but I am so sore! My body hurts and I think a rest day is in my future!

My mom and sister booked their tickets so we are going to New York in July! And next week I'm going to my sister in laws parents lodge in northern PA so there is lots to look forward to and lots to keep myself busy with until that beautiful day in September :)

Daisy has been pretty good... She's been keeping to herself lately or will go up into our bedroom and just sleep on the bed. I don't think she's sad, I think she just has a bigger place protect so she goes where she knows her mama sleeps. :) sweet girl does miss her daddy tho... She will hear him on FaceTime and just listen. We both miss him a lot and can't wait for our little family to be reunited!!

Here's a cute pic of her relaxing.... Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Sweet Daisy girl! I'm so glad you have her there with you to keep you company:) Do you know around what part of September Andy will be home? My hubby is leaving for a month in August to do a rotation out in San Antonio. He won't be back til mid-September. We may just be celebrating our hubby's returns right around the same time (though yours will be much sweeter after being without him for so much longer!)

  2. I'm glad to hear you are 1/3 through. Deployment is long! Keep hanging in there!