Saturday, January 12, 2013


I got a keyboard for my iPad so I can blog my little heart out now! :) I'm so excited and I bought it at the PX on sale! (for all you non military the PX is like the mini Target on post.... and everything is tax free!) I'm loving it so far.... so for all my friends who have iPads... the blue tooth keyboard works great with the iPad. :)

Anyways... onto more interesting stuff.

As I mentioned before, my sweet nephew Jackson turned 2 today! I'll leave you with some pictures of this cutie eating his breakfast this morning.

For all of you dog owners... what do you suggest to keep your fur babies from getting SO excited when they see you? I've heard your suppose to ignore them.... and we are trying that, but she just gets SO SUPER excited and scratches the floor. I feel bad.

I haven't been able to FaceTime with Andy in almost 4 days now. I hate it. I was doing ok when we could talk daily, but my word, I miss his sweet face and calming voice, and his I love you's and pretty much everything about him. Thankfully my mom has been here keeping me distracted. Thank you mom!! ;)

Happy weekend blog friends! See you Monday!

A little happy birthday banner.


  1. So glad to see you have lots of good family support. I hope all is well with the deployment and adjusting to this way of life for awhile.

  2. Your nephew is precious! Glad his sweet little face is helping keep you company while Andy is deployed. We have the same problem with Ellie - our floors are hardwood, and when she gets excited, it seems that there is just no way to keep her from scratching the floors up. May have to try the ignoring thing and see if it helps her calm down! So far, nothing else has worked. Hoping you get to facetime with Andy soon. I can just imagine how hard it must be not being able to talk to him!!!