Monday, January 14, 2013

If I knew then what I know now!

Do you ever think about things in your life that you would do different? Would you change anything that you have done... make a different decision?

I would probably go back to my days of when Andy and I first got married. I worried so much about if the house looked nice, if the pillow was fluffed, if dinner tasted well enough, if I dusted everything or just one spot.... I always wondered if I ever had the chance to go back and change things, would I? I've learned throughout my days as a wife that the floors can go without being cleaned one Saturday morning if that meant I laid in bed longer with my hubby watching sports center, or the nice throw pillows for the bed or couch are really going to be ok if they aren't in their certain spot... and quite honestly, Andy could care less what dinner tasted like as long as it was filling and that I was there to eat it with him. And the dusty furniture... that just meant he could draw a heart for me to see when I did manage to dust. Why do we as wives worry so much about making sure everything is kept up? All our husbands want is our time.

I would give my left foot to have him in bed with me on Saturday morning and I would watch ESPN until my eyes popped out if it just meant I was in his arms.

Deployments suck. They are awful. But I will tell you one thing... I appreciate him so much more now that he's not available to me anytime I want to call.

Someone told me one time that Andy and I are too "giddy".... I asked what they meant and they said we act like jr highers in love... and I hope and pray for everyone out there that you never lose that giddy feeling... my heart still skips a beat when I see he is calling. I still have butterflies when I see his face pop up on Face Time.... and I can promise you that the second he steps off that plane from deployment, you bet your bananas I will be running up to him and squeeze him more than I ever have before.

So do me a favor... this weekend and hopefully always... don't worry about the little things. The house will get cleaned, the chores will get done... but that time you could have spent snuggling or sitting next to each other holding hands on the couch... that you can't get back. Take it from someone who's favorite hobby is to hold my husbands hand and just be in the moment.

Love you babe.


  1. This post is so sweet! I know he misses you so much too!!! Saying some prayers for you guys!

  2. It's so true! It's the time and being together that really matters most. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder.