Thursday, January 3, 2013

From skirts to yoga pants!

Normally My days consisted of coffee on the way to work, office meetings, seeing students as they came in and just rejoicing that I had made it through another work week... Oh, and of course the Friday link up with Leslie to confess our weekly secrets... But, sweet ladies, my life has drastically changed (as you know). I now wake up around 7:30-8:00 depending on when Daisy needs to go potty... Have a cup of coffee, get myself dressed, wait for Jackson (my nephew) to wake up... Feed him, usually face time with Andy around 10:00ish, feed Jackson some more, play games, read books, watch the whale movie ... Feed Jack more, get my workout in --- whether it's a long walk or a crossfit workout, feed Jackson some lunch, put Jackson for a nap and sometimes I nap myself... Then when he wakes up I feed him and we play and try to help get dinner ready or tidy up the house... After dinner hang out for a little, do dishes and then usually by 8:30 I'm in my room watching a show on the iPad hoping I get to hear from Andy one more time just to tell him goodnight.

What in the world?!

My life went from business attire to now yoga pants and a tshirt! I went from focusing on how to help my students figure out how to pay for college to figuring out what I am going to put in my mouth that's paleo, or what else I could possibly feed my sweet 2 year old nephew!

Sure, there are days I miss getting ready for work... But I do know that this is right where I need and want to be. For while Andy is gone at least. We are almost through month one of the deployment, and I couldn't have done this without my brother, sister and nephew. And not to mention I'm making a good dent on my weight loss plan (thank you Jade!)

Yes, there are days I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with salsa of course)... But I am focused on my goal. I will get healthy, I will get thin, and I will do this so that one day I may get to stay at home in my yoga pants with little kiddos that Andy and I created!


  1. Go Randi! Sounds like you are making the most of the time you are having to spend without Andy and I love it. And am so happy that, although you have to be without your man for a while, you can do things to make yourself feel better during this time. I must say - I am just a little jealous of your yoga pant days. I sure wouldn't mind ditching the dress pants and skirts and getting to stay home. Which I'm sure will only get worse once our little one arrives! So proud of you. And congrats for making it through the first month. One down, only a few more to go! You can do it!!!:)

  2. Sounds like a good life...minus the missing your husband like crazy part. Enjoy it and focus on you and where you want to be. Happy New year!