Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Confessions...

Link up with Leslie for some good ol' fashion Friday confessions! Here we go....

1. I have absolutely no desire to go shopping lately. Who am I?! Maybe it's because this cute little town has no mall... or maybe it's because I'm hoping to keep dropping in sizes before I make big purchases... or maybe I'm just not feeling the urge to splurge.. whatever it is, it's ok with me! For now.

2. My nephew Jackson might be the cutest little person in the world. Scratch that. He IS the cutest little person in the world. He has some sayings that come out of his little mouth that For example... he will come into a room and say "boo!" He's 2 remember. Or when he randomly says "Daaaazeeee mwa mwa" (calling Daisy)... or how when he hugs you he says "awwwww" ... I mean really, cutest little man.

3. I have only cried once this week from missing Andy. I miss him all the time, but it only hit me hard once. Improvement is great!

4. Today will be day 5 of crossfit, and it feels great! Never thought I'd say that!

5. Daisy has been driving me absolutely nuts this week. Needy, not listening, needy, not listening...see a trend?! I told her I was going to ship her to Afghanistan to her daddy.... and then in the middle of the night last night she got sick, threw up and came over to me to just hold her. As much as she drives me nuts... she needs me just as much as I need her.

6. My brother, sister and nephew leave for vacation on Sunday. I'm going to miss them! and that's 11 days by myself :( I have plenty of plans to keep busy, so hopefully the time goes quickly.

7. I found this pic of Andy and I from "back in the day"... look at those youngens (ok, not really it was only 3 years ago on our first date)... but I wish I could go tell them how awesome life is going to be together :) Little did I know, we'd be married and living in Georgia one year from that pic. :) Life is good. Miss you lover!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hope little miss Daisy is feeling better! I know what you mean - our 'babies' drive us nuts, but we both know we couldn't live without their big, furry selves!!!:) Happy Weekend!

  2. My urge to shop is gone too thank goodness! But only 'cause I did too much of it over the last few months. Have a great weekend.