Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh, Hello!

Hi blog world.... remember me? That girl that used to blog Monday-Friday religiously.... and then between a deployment, moving, totally flipping my world upside down somehow I got lost in transition. I'm not even going to say I'm going to try to start blogging daily because I'll say that and then not blog for a week. Or two. So... let's just catch up, shall we??
This last week has been as one would say "a week from you know where"... and by you know where, I mean not a happy place!
Last Sunday I sliced my finger as I was trying to open a can of coconut milk... well the can won because I was down one finger. You don't realize how much you use your precious pointer finger until it's throbbing, numb and just plain sore.
Note: if you don't like blood keep scrolling... (it's not bad, but there is some blood)

My poor finger :( right into the nuckle too! I might have said a bad word (sorry mom) but boy did it hurt!!!! 
Starting to heal....
I know I say it all the time... but this girl really gets me through long days! She's been so cuddly, cute and just adorable lately! I really am thankful I didn't let her just keep on running the other day when she escaped (and didn't come when I called her).. I'm glad I got her home, because as much as she drives me crazy... she also keeps me sane. Does that make sense??

Here she is checking out the snow last Thursday.... and boy did it snow! 
This Georgia dog has never seen such a thing! She LOVED it!!! I wanted to get a few pictures or video of her playing in the snow, but I was too busy puking my insides out. I caught (unvoluntarily) the flu bug last week and I was out for the count from Wednesday afternoon-Saturday afternoon.
 It. Was. Awful. I was miserable, stuff was coming out of me everywhere (that's as much description as I'm giving, I'm pretty sure we've all caught that kind of bug before....) and on top of all that the heater broke. Oh boy. And my brother and his family were on vacation... what's a girl to do?! No worries tho, one of the trainers at their gym sent her hubby over and he had it fixed and I was warm and sickley. Then she came over with soup, sprite, gingerale, crackers and a smile. So thankful for that family.... they rescued me. Now to think of something sweet to do for them....

My sweet hubby face-timed with me every day as much as he could... (ignore the crappy picture of me, I was not glamerous at all!) He wasn't sleeping... just blinking, I just caught it at the wrong moment. 

Sweet girl refused to leave my side. She was wonderful, even sat with me in the bathroom while I hugged the porcelin bowl. 
This is her "MOM, are you seriously not better yet?!" face. 

Saw this on one of the Kardashian sisters (yes, I just confessed that) instagram.... made me think of my boo. :)
He really is my sunshine.

So... after a very emotionally draining, physically exhausting, sad, rough week... I'm feeling 100% , got my workout in, lost a few pounds from the flu, and ready to tackle another week. And y'all.... my sister in law and sweet nephew come home Thursday (brother came home Saturday), and Andy comes home in 221 days!!!! Do you realize in 3 weeks we will be out of the 200's?!?! That's music to my ears.
Baby steps lovelys, baby steps.


  1. Glad you're okay - sounds like you had one tough week, my friend! Been there, that's for sure! So glad Daisy is there to comfort you:) Baby steps is the way to go!!!

  2. What a week friend! My Monday started off that way this week & looks like today isn't going to be much better. I hope this week for you is a GREAT one!

    Almost out of the 200's is awesome!!!