Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boxes of love!

To all of you who are sending my love care packages....
Thank you from him and thank you from me! I love when Andy gets a package because he gets SO excited and examines everything that comes in them. He loves everything from the snacks and sweets to the little packages of kleenex... and if he can't use something, he finds someone who is able to use it.
We are down almost 2 months and only have 7 more to go. It's surprisingly going pretty quick, and I think once we get to March or April it will go much quicker... especially with nice weather! :) 

My handsome soldier!!! :)
If there are some of you out there who would like to send a package to Andy or any of the guys/girls in his unit, let me know and I'll send you the address. Those guys are out there fighting for our freedom, so let's make sure we show them how much we support them and are fighting for them back home!! They love all sorts of mail... even cards, letters, emails or texts!
To all the men and women in uniform... thank you for leaving your loved ones to fight for what is right! We can't ever thank you enough. You are in our thoughts and prayers and can't wait for you to come home!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

219 ...

As of today we only have 219 more days until Andy comes home... which may sound like alot, but when you start in the 270something it sounds pretty amazing! :) And 20 days from now we will be OUT of the 200's all together... time is flyin people!
It's funny I picked today of all days to look at the number of days until he's home... 219 days and he will be on American soil and away from war. 02.19 is our anniversary.... I guess I like those numbers :)
My main goal while I'm here is to help out my brother and sister in law with anything I can... and also to lose weight. Don't take that as a vain type of thing... I'm not doing it to look good, my hubby loves me for me and that's that... I'm doing it to be healthy. I'm doing it so we can have babies. I'm doing it so I can feel good about myself again. I'm doing this for not only myself and Andy... but mainly for our future! I want to be around to see our kids have kids of their own... most of all I want to live a long healthy life with my honey!
So... before I go into anything else I want to share something with you. I have been here since December 16th and have lost 20 pounds, 1 1/4 inches off my neck, 1 1/4 inches off each arm, 3 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips, and 15 1/2 inches off my thighs.
Do you know what I love most of all? I love that I was able to RUN up the hill that my brother and sisters gym at the bottom of 3 times yesterday!!! When I first WALKED up that hill, I had to stop because I was so out of breath and yesterday I ran up it!!! Now don't get me wrong, I was still out of breath and my heart was pounding but never in my life have I been able to run... much less up a hill!
I don't care how many pounds I end up losing.. I don't care how many inches... as long as I'm healthy I will be happy!
Now.. onto our week :)
So last week I told you there was a snowy blizzard right?? Well this week it's been 65 and sunny! I actually ate lunch (avocado and chicken) outside yesterday and got a little sun-kissed! :) And today it's been humid and my skin feels SO MUCH BETTER.... I missed that southern skin glow ;) 

This little girl is extra clingy lately. I love it. :)  A friend from the gym gave us the name of her groomer so Daisy went there today... she did great! I was very pleased! We were extremely attached to our groomer in Georgia (we are even Facebook friends!), so for us to find someone who loves and handles Daisy with care is huge! 

So I need some help from my bloggers...
I found this bedding on Target for SUCH a great price... I love the grey and white but Andy and I decided the navy blue and white would go better in our room (we have brown furniture) and we will do so gold throw pillows and accents... Would it be silly to have the same pattern in our guest room? I want to change up our guest bedding... and the grey and white would look great with the black furniture that is in there.

My thought was (always thinking ahead) we could turn that grey/white bedding into a babies room as well since that's the room the baby would go... we would add a splash of blue for a boy or pink for a girl. And in our room I was going to get a white duvet cover and then fold the navy blue and white comforter like pictured below. Would it be crazy to have the same patern in both rooms?? 
I just love them both and I love a good deal!! :)
Thank you for the help!

Happy Wednesday folks! Make it a great one!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh, Hello!

Hi blog world.... remember me? That girl that used to blog Monday-Friday religiously.... and then between a deployment, moving, totally flipping my world upside down somehow I got lost in transition. I'm not even going to say I'm going to try to start blogging daily because I'll say that and then not blog for a week. Or two. So... let's just catch up, shall we??
This last week has been as one would say "a week from you know where"... and by you know where, I mean not a happy place!
Last Sunday I sliced my finger as I was trying to open a can of coconut milk... well the can won because I was down one finger. You don't realize how much you use your precious pointer finger until it's throbbing, numb and just plain sore.
Note: if you don't like blood keep scrolling... (it's not bad, but there is some blood)

My poor finger :( right into the nuckle too! I might have said a bad word (sorry mom) but boy did it hurt!!!! 
Starting to heal....
I know I say it all the time... but this girl really gets me through long days! She's been so cuddly, cute and just adorable lately! I really am thankful I didn't let her just keep on running the other day when she escaped (and didn't come when I called her).. I'm glad I got her home, because as much as she drives me crazy... she also keeps me sane. Does that make sense??

Here she is checking out the snow last Thursday.... and boy did it snow! 
This Georgia dog has never seen such a thing! She LOVED it!!! I wanted to get a few pictures or video of her playing in the snow, but I was too busy puking my insides out. I caught (unvoluntarily) the flu bug last week and I was out for the count from Wednesday afternoon-Saturday afternoon.
 It. Was. Awful. I was miserable, stuff was coming out of me everywhere (that's as much description as I'm giving, I'm pretty sure we've all caught that kind of bug before....) and on top of all that the heater broke. Oh boy. And my brother and his family were on vacation... what's a girl to do?! No worries tho, one of the trainers at their gym sent her hubby over and he had it fixed and I was warm and sickley. Then she came over with soup, sprite, gingerale, crackers and a smile. So thankful for that family.... they rescued me. Now to think of something sweet to do for them....

My sweet hubby face-timed with me every day as much as he could... (ignore the crappy picture of me, I was not glamerous at all!) He wasn't sleeping... just blinking, I just caught it at the wrong moment. 

Sweet girl refused to leave my side. She was wonderful, even sat with me in the bathroom while I hugged the porcelin bowl. 
This is her "MOM, are you seriously not better yet?!" face. 

Saw this on one of the Kardashian sisters (yes, I just confessed that) instagram.... made me think of my boo. :)
He really is my sunshine.

So... after a very emotionally draining, physically exhausting, sad, rough week... I'm feeling 100% , got my workout in, lost a few pounds from the flu, and ready to tackle another week. And y'all.... my sister in law and sweet nephew come home Thursday (brother came home Saturday), and Andy comes home in 221 days!!!! Do you realize in 3 weeks we will be out of the 200's?!?! That's music to my ears.
Baby steps lovelys, baby steps.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Confessions...

Link up with Leslie for some good ol' fashion Friday confessions! Here we go....

1. I have absolutely no desire to go shopping lately. Who am I?! Maybe it's because this cute little town has no mall... or maybe it's because I'm hoping to keep dropping in sizes before I make big purchases... or maybe I'm just not feeling the urge to splurge.. whatever it is, it's ok with me! For now.

2. My nephew Jackson might be the cutest little person in the world. Scratch that. He IS the cutest little person in the world. He has some sayings that come out of his little mouth that For example... he will come into a room and say "boo!" He's 2 remember. Or when he randomly says "Daaaazeeee mwa mwa" (calling Daisy)... or how when he hugs you he says "awwwww" ... I mean really, cutest little man.

3. I have only cried once this week from missing Andy. I miss him all the time, but it only hit me hard once. Improvement is great!

4. Today will be day 5 of crossfit, and it feels great! Never thought I'd say that!

5. Daisy has been driving me absolutely nuts this week. Needy, not listening, needy, not listening...see a trend?! I told her I was going to ship her to Afghanistan to her daddy.... and then in the middle of the night last night she got sick, threw up and came over to me to just hold her. As much as she drives me nuts... she needs me just as much as I need her.

6. My brother, sister and nephew leave for vacation on Sunday. I'm going to miss them! and that's 11 days by myself :( I have plenty of plans to keep busy, so hopefully the time goes quickly.

7. I found this pic of Andy and I from "back in the day"... look at those youngens (ok, not really it was only 3 years ago on our first date)... but I wish I could go tell them how awesome life is going to be together :) Little did I know, we'd be married and living in Georgia one year from that pic. :) Life is good. Miss you lover!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Challenge yourself...

Never in my life did I think I would be able to do 100 squats. Much less after 100 pullups, 100 pushups and 100 situps. I'm just not that type. Well... friends, think again! I am loving Crossfit... and today's workout was INTENSE but a huge challenge and rather than telling myself I couldn't do it, I went to the class with all the young athletic people who know what they are doing and I nailed it! I only made it to 75 pushups but for someone who's only been doing this for 3 weeks, I was proud of myself! I put a picture of the workout below so you can see what it entailed. I was beat red and dripping sweat but I accomplished it without passing out! :)

The times without Andy are hard... when I lay down at night I just wish I could be in his arms talking about our days... but Andy has the honor of serving his country and I have the honor to be his wife... and it's just part of the job. Sure there are times when I hate it more than others... but I'm so proud of what he is doing, and the opportunity I have here in Maryland is priceless! I'm learning how to eat clean, I'm learning how to take care of a 2 year old so I'll have some knowledge when we have our own babies, and I'm learning crossfit! Crossfit was for athletic people, not people like me... not overweight people... but that is so wrong!! Anyone can take care of themselves... you don't have to be a certain type of person to be healthy! I'm losing weight the hard way.. I'm pushing myself in ways I never knew how... I hurt in places I didn't even know existed... and I LOVE it! I can't wait to pick up Andy on homecoming day and be 50, 60, or 70 pounds lighter! I can't wait to be able to walk around our home in cute lingerie from Victorias Secret (sorry TMI), and I can't wait to have babies with him!

Andy has never ever made me feel less than beautiful. He would love me if I was a size 4 or size 24 (and he has!)... but I want to be healthy for him, for our future children and grandchildren! And I'm on the right path... I could not have done this without the help of my amazing sister in law Jade tho... she gave me all the right tools and I ran with it! (literally, haha!)

I challenge you today... do something you never thought you could do. Don't limit yourself. and don't be like me... don't let your weight get in the way. Get out there and get it done!

Monday, January 14, 2013

If I knew then what I know now!

Do you ever think about things in your life that you would do different? Would you change anything that you have done... make a different decision?

I would probably go back to my days of when Andy and I first got married. I worried so much about if the house looked nice, if the pillow was fluffed, if dinner tasted well enough, if I dusted everything or just one spot.... I always wondered if I ever had the chance to go back and change things, would I? I've learned throughout my days as a wife that the floors can go without being cleaned one Saturday morning if that meant I laid in bed longer with my hubby watching sports center, or the nice throw pillows for the bed or couch are really going to be ok if they aren't in their certain spot... and quite honestly, Andy could care less what dinner tasted like as long as it was filling and that I was there to eat it with him. And the dusty furniture... that just meant he could draw a heart for me to see when I did manage to dust. Why do we as wives worry so much about making sure everything is kept up? All our husbands want is our time.

I would give my left foot to have him in bed with me on Saturday morning and I would watch ESPN until my eyes popped out if it just meant I was in his arms.

Deployments suck. They are awful. But I will tell you one thing... I appreciate him so much more now that he's not available to me anytime I want to call.

Someone told me one time that Andy and I are too "giddy".... I asked what they meant and they said we act like jr highers in love... and I hope and pray for everyone out there that you never lose that giddy feeling... my heart still skips a beat when I see he is calling. I still have butterflies when I see his face pop up on Face Time.... and I can promise you that the second he steps off that plane from deployment, you bet your bananas I will be running up to him and squeeze him more than I ever have before.

So do me a favor... this weekend and hopefully always... don't worry about the little things. The house will get cleaned, the chores will get done... but that time you could have spent snuggling or sitting next to each other holding hands on the couch... that you can't get back. Take it from someone who's favorite hobby is to hold my husbands hand and just be in the moment.

Love you babe.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend fun!

3 days in a row of blogging... what?! There might be hope for me yet ;)

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes? What did you think of the dresses? I'm still watching so no favorite yet... but there are definitely some ones I don't love.....

I finally heard from Andy this morning via Facebook chat... he is safe and doing ok, but still not back to his base so no FaceTiming yet... I can handle that, I just wanted to know he was ok and safe. Have I mentioned on here how much I miss him? ha ha! Babe, I miss you! And I love you so so so much!!!!

Mom took Jade and I for some pedicures today, it was really nice and relaxing! We had a fun time. Mom, if you are reading this... thank you for everything! I loved our quality time together and thank you for making the time when I hadn't heard from Andy bearable!

I cannot say it enough, I'm so thankful for family! Thankful my mom could come visit, and is always a phone call away, thankful for my sis-in-law Liz who always checks on me and my sweet mother in law who calls weekly to make sure I'm ok, and of course my brother and sister in law for taking Daisy and I in. It's not easy letting another person and their dog move in.... but they did and I'm so grateful! And I hope Daisy is good the rest of the time we are here... please pray for that if you think of it! She's a good dog, but she's a dog.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Cute birthday boy!

Mom and I!

Emmy and Jackson!

Happy Boy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I got a keyboard for my iPad so I can blog my little heart out now! :) I'm so excited and I bought it at the PX on sale! (for all you non military the PX is like the mini Target on post.... and everything is tax free!) I'm loving it so far.... so for all my friends who have iPads... the blue tooth keyboard works great with the iPad. :)

Anyways... onto more interesting stuff.

As I mentioned before, my sweet nephew Jackson turned 2 today! I'll leave you with some pictures of this cutie eating his breakfast this morning.

For all of you dog owners... what do you suggest to keep your fur babies from getting SO excited when they see you? I've heard your suppose to ignore them.... and we are trying that, but she just gets SO SUPER excited and scratches the floor. I feel bad.

I haven't been able to FaceTime with Andy in almost 4 days now. I hate it. I was doing ok when we could talk daily, but my word, I miss his sweet face and calming voice, and his I love you's and pretty much everything about him. Thankfully my mom has been here keeping me distracted. Thank you mom!! ;)

Happy weekend blog friends! See you Monday!

A little happy birthday banner.

Checking in...

Hello blog land... so I thought I'd be a little better about blogging but my days are filled up so quickly that by the time I think about blogging...I would rather try to get some sleep in. :) But... here's to hoping, right?

A few updates...

The weight loss is going extremely well! I'm so happy! I will share a secret... I'm fitting into some jeans that I haven't been able to for a while... happy girl right here. I'm working every single pound off tho, it doesn't come easy but when you want something bad enough you fight for it!

Andy has been gone 4 weeks and 1 day. I miss him but that's one month down and 8 more to go! It's a little crazy to think that I will be heading back to Georgia in 7 1/2 months... but I will be so happy to welcome my man home! Have I mentioned I miss him?? :)

I'm having a blast with little Jackson and my brother and sister in law. Actually, Jack turned 2 today! I'm so thankful for the family support and I would be lost without them!

My mom is here for a visit and we are having tons of fun! pictures to follow come soon!

Off to the gym and run errands with mom and Jack.

Happy Saturday y'all! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Confessions....

It's Friday... and I haven't linked up with Leslie for a while for a "fess-sesh".... and of course the Friday I am ready to blog, she is on a blog break... but... since I'm here, I might as well confess anyway... right??

{1.} I confess that earlier this week I hated cross fit.... well, I hated that my legs hurt when I simply wanted to walk up the stairs... not necessarily crossfit itself... now... I love it! I'm sure it will continue to be a love-hate relationship, but as long as it gets the job done... bring it on!

{2.} I confess that I don't know how single mom's do it. I'm just a stay at home aunt, and I can't imagine how y'all work AND raise a child... bless you!

{3.} I confess that I am BEYOND thrilled for my blogging friend Jessica, who is PREGGERS!!! Go read about her story, it will put a smile on your face!

{4..} I confess that today, Jackson and I might make it a lazy/not change out of our pajamas until noon kind of day. I'm not feeling so hot.

{5.} I confess that all the way from Afghanistan, my amazing husband still calms me down... tells me it will be ok, and continues to put a smile on my face. Man, I miss him.

{6.} I confess I think Daisy thinks she's a little Momma... she follows Jackson around like he is her own. It's pretty darn cute.

{7.} I confess that earlier this week I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some chips and salsa SO Badly.... but alas, I didn't have it... and I am better for it. Take that silly cravings! You ain't worth it!

{8.} I confess that I have lost weight already... how much? I'm not gonna say.... You'll have to wait for the debut in September :)

That is all.... Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

From skirts to yoga pants!

Normally My days consisted of coffee on the way to work, office meetings, seeing students as they came in and just rejoicing that I had made it through another work week... Oh, and of course the Friday link up with Leslie to confess our weekly secrets... But, sweet ladies, my life has drastically changed (as you know). I now wake up around 7:30-8:00 depending on when Daisy needs to go potty... Have a cup of coffee, get myself dressed, wait for Jackson (my nephew) to wake up... Feed him, usually face time with Andy around 10:00ish, feed Jackson some more, play games, read books, watch the whale movie ... Feed Jack more, get my workout in --- whether it's a long walk or a crossfit workout, feed Jackson some lunch, put Jackson for a nap and sometimes I nap myself... Then when he wakes up I feed him and we play and try to help get dinner ready or tidy up the house... After dinner hang out for a little, do dishes and then usually by 8:30 I'm in my room watching a show on the iPad hoping I get to hear from Andy one more time just to tell him goodnight.

What in the world?!

My life went from business attire to now yoga pants and a tshirt! I went from focusing on how to help my students figure out how to pay for college to figuring out what I am going to put in my mouth that's paleo, or what else I could possibly feed my sweet 2 year old nephew!

Sure, there are days I miss getting ready for work... But I do know that this is right where I need and want to be. For while Andy is gone at least. We are almost through month one of the deployment, and I couldn't have done this without my brother, sister and nephew. And not to mention I'm making a good dent on my weight loss plan (thank you Jade!)

Yes, there are days I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with salsa of course)... But I am focused on my goal. I will get healthy, I will get thin, and I will do this so that one day I may get to stay at home in my yoga pants with little kiddos that Andy and I created!