Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 12 of 2012....

As I sit back and look at the year 2012... No one specific moment sticks out because it's been a year or fun, trials, and craziness for my sweet husband and I!

So, here is my top 12 of 2012 and what I'm looking forward to in 2013!

12. Visiting with our families over Christmas of 2011 and January of 2012... And Andy finally getting to meet my brother!

11. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary!! I'm blessed to have Andy as my better half and I can't wait to celebrate 70 more with him!!

10. Moving into our apartment on post. It was a rough way to move (being robbed) but it ended up being a blessing!

9. My little brother graduated high school and Andy and I got to make his video of pictures. It was a fun time making it because I got to show Andy lots of pictures from growing up!

8. Constant trips to the dog park with our sweet Daisy!

7. Visiting JD, Jade, Jackson, my mom, my dad and Hattie in Maryland for a few days. On that trip Andy showed me where he went to AIT and did training.

6. We celebrated my 28th birthday with good friends and a bar-b-que!

5. Andy turned 30 and we were able to celebrate a long weekend in Savannah with Andy's sister Liz, her husband Pat and our good friend Britney. Some of our amazing friends came out to celebrate Andy's special day as well!

4. I got a promotion to Financial Planner at the college I was working at and made some pretty special friends!

3. Daisy weighed in at 85 pounds!

2. We were able to go home to Idaho for Thanksgiving before Andy deployed.

1. The most bitter-sweet event of all... Andy deployed and Daisy and I made the move to Maryland to be with my brother and sister (and nephew).

As I look back on the years since we've been married... (Only 2011 and 2012) there have been some ups and downs but I wouldn't want to be on this adventure called life with anyone but my Andy!! I love you honey and I hope you are reading this!

I'm so excited for 2013... I'm going to lose weight, get fit, conquer paleo and crossfit and welcome my soldier home in September!!! It's going to be great!

What are your top 12 of 2012??


  1. I'm excited for September for you!!!

  2. How cool that I was there for a couple of these! :o) I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you and Andy. Looking forward to reading about your paleo/crossfit process!