Monday, December 3, 2012

Packing blues...

Happy Monday everyone!! 

I had no alarm to wake up to this morning, in fact I was in a very nice deep sleep when my hubby came in from PT to wake me :) I got up, made coffee, made him breakfast and now am suppose to be packing but I can't seem to get into it.... Ugh! I started packing yesterday and got all of the living room packed and some of the kitchen. I only have 2 bedrooms, the bathroom, the rest of the kitchen, laundry room and a few closets..... Which isn't bad but here is my problem....

So... My goal for the day is get all the laundry done and at least one  room packed. I technically have until Sunday so I'm not too worried. 

What are your tips when you move?? I now remember why we use movers! Lol


On another note.... Happy Birthday to our favorite confessional Friday host, Leslie!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

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