Sunday, December 2, 2012


So... We are the proud new owners of an iPad... My question is this: do any of you blog on an iPad and how do you feel about it?? Andy is taking our Mac so he has a DVD player so I'll be using this nifty little thing...  Is it really any different and do my blog posts still show up the same?? 

I'm posting my favorite pic because that's the only ones have on the iPad.

Let me know what you think!! And happy Monday friends!! (or Sunday night if you are reading this tonight) ;) 

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  1. If you get that i pad keyboard attachment that should help you type. I've tried reading blogs from the my dash on i pad and it's not formatted right so it didn't work that well but I don't know about how it would be to blog from it. My husband takes the i pad for travel because it's smaller. He watches movies in i tunes or downloads them for free (how I don't know) but I saw this link on the net in case it might work for him to take the i pad instead