Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that it's the middle of the week already!!
I'm so thankful this week is going quickly because I need a weekend y'all!

I'm linking up for "What I'm Loving" on this cool and crisp Wednesday! It most definitely feels like fall now... and the trees are finally changing! Love it!  

I'm loving a few things that I ordered online this week...

This "Army Wife" necklace.
I've always wanted some sort of "soldier support" type thing, but I never was one to carry those Army wife purses, or t-shirts, or anything too cheesy... so when I saw this on ETSY I thought it was perfect! It's so cute and so simple and so us! I ordered it and it should be here soon! I love my soldier, and I want everyone to know it! ;)

I'm loving these pj bottoms and I cannot wait to get them!
Women's Plus Poplin Lounge Pants

I'm loving this cute flowy skirt!
Women's Plus Jersey Maxi Skirts

This cute ribbed tank
Women's Plus Perfect Rib-Knit Tanks

and this cute black khaki skirt!
Women's Plus Perfect Khaki Skirts
Won't this be cute with some boots for the winter??

Thanks Old Navy and ETSY.... you made my shopping spree easy! Everything was on sale too! ;) I'm not loving that they double charged me (Old Navy) but hey.. that's getting fixed and I got 10% off.

I'm also loving a few of these signs I found on Pinterest....
This one is so true! You hear he's deploying and things change my friends! Trust me.

I am loving this.
God bless our troops, indeed.

I'm loving that my hubby was able to come home from the field last night!!! I was not looking forward to sleeping with Daisy. I love her, but she just doesn't cuddle with me like he does. She's going to have to learn.... pronto!

I'm NOT loving the decision America made last night... but let's just end it this convo with this: Pray. Pray like you've never prayed before. This next 4 years will be interesting and I am a little scared... but let's just pray!

And remember this...

{ I stole this from Katie's Instagram ... thanks KL! }

Thankful Day 7: Today, I am thankful for this girl.
She has seen me laugh, cry, yell, and loves me no matter what!

I know it's crazy how much we love our little Daisy, but she just has a personality that shines and you just can't help but be happy when she is around. She's our first baby and will always have a special place in our hearts!
Andy asked Daisy last night "Daisy, will you remember me when I come home?" 9 months is a long time to dogs... but I know for certain that when she sees her daddy, she will be thrilled! :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I'm not loving the decision America made either - woke up with a heavy heart today. So disappointing. But I love that instagram photo. Makes everything seem better when we look at life that way, right? And I love, love, love your new necklace. Super cute. And classy - much classier than a t-shirt or a purse. I like that it will hang close to your heart while Andy's gone (cheesy, I know, but I can't help it!) Happy Wednesday!