Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our love story!

I'm feeling extra mushy lately...
 I don't know if this deployment is really making me appreciate Andy so much more than I already do or what, but be prepared to read about him quite a bit over the next few weeks. He's leaving in a little over a month and I just already ache at the fact that I won't be able to roll over and have him next to me, or send him a "I love you so much" text just because I was thinking about him.

I'm handling the pre-deployment stuff A LOT better, but I still have a few moments where I already miss him and he's not even gone yet. Maybe it's because my shift changed and I only see him for about an hour at night... or maybe I just love him so much that I miss him? who knows.

Anyways.... onto the purpose of the post.

November is a special month for me/us. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday mainly because people aren't worried about dressing up, getting gifts, spending money, or any of that! You just gather with people you love, enjoy each other's company and eat delicious food!

November of 2010, Andy proposed!
Actually, the Saturday after Thanksgiving he asked me to spend forever with him and of course, it was the best answer I ever said yes to!  

So... my thankful day 8: is to my husband.
Thank you for asking me to marry you many months ago love, and thank you for making me fall more and more in love with you every day!

Here are a few of our engagement pictures:
Yes, that's real snow :)

He's so darn handsome!

For those that don't know our it is!
 I was single for a long time. I would date a little bit here and there, but nothing worth talking about. Then Andy came along... actually he was there all along. He was my best friends brother to be exact.
It. Was. Weird.
I would never in a million years (or 6 to be honest) date my bff's brother!
 He asked me on a date (March of 2010), I hesitantly said yes and we went. It was awkward and a few days later I requested that he not call/text so much because I just didn't want it to be weird for his sister and I. (and he NEVER forgets this!)
A few months later in May I went over to pick up his nephews to take them to a birthday party... (remember I was always around his family because of Liz (his sis)).
Can I tell you...  when I saw him (again) with those little boys... my heart melted. He's amazing with kids and that made me weak in the knees! I knew there was something special about him and I just had to get to know him better. So... like a sad little puppy, I texted him and said "want to hang out?" (or in his words: she came crawling back to me) so we made a bet about a basketball game and whoever lost had to take the other to dinner... so after some conversing we decided we just better watch the game together. We did, and the rest is history.
We were together 3 1/2 weeks straight (every waking moment) and then he left for Basic Training for the Army. June 16th, the day he left he asked me to be his girlfriend. We wrote letters every day during boot camp, and I flew from Idaho to St. Louis for his graduation, only to see him for 12 hours! Then he was off to AIT for another 3 months.
We continued to write, call, email, facebook.... and I fell deeper and deeper in love with him and knew I was going to marry him. He came home in November, and after being home for 2 weeks, he proposed. We had an engagement party, engagement pictures and started wedding planning! December 14th he went to his duty station in Georgia, February 18th he flew home, February 19th 2011 we were married, February 20th he flew back to Georgia and the next day I loaded my car up with my mom and her BFF Betti and we were on our way to the deep South!

All in all, we dated in person for about 7 1/2 weeks over 7 months. Would I change anything? absolutely not. It was right for us. It made sense and we got to know each other over letters, phone calls and sweet notes...  which to me is so romantic. Both of us still have our letters and sometimes re-read them.
I was 26 and he was 28 when we got married. Is this way of dating for everyone? probably not, especially if you are 18 and 20... but when you know... you know! And I knew.

So all you sweet singles... your man will come, and he will be worth the wait! Trust me.


  1. Loved hearing your story today too! I think it's so romantic how the two of you got together after knowing each other for so long. And, I love the snow in your engagement pictures - so pretty! I just have to ask though: weren't you freezing? Also, please feel free to talk about Andy as much as you need to girl! I know how hard it will be once he's gone, so if you need to talk about him every day, then DO it:) Full support here!

  2. Winter wonderland engagement pics! I don't think I've ever seen any snowy ones; everyone always seems to want sunny skies but I think yours look great. Very romantic love story.