Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Week.

One week from today I will be clocking in for the last time at my job, I'll be having one more lunch with the girls in my office,  I'll be assisting students and making that hour long commute just once more... and it's very bitter sweet.
I've been here since June of 2011. I was a newly wed when I started and still learning how to manage being a wife and have a career. I worked in Health care all my life, and the transition into higher education was very distant from what I knew. Would I change anything about it? probably only the commute. It has definitely been a learning experience from the start... but I've met some amazing people here and am so thankful for the life long friendships I will have.

Sure, there are days where I want to tell the students/coworkers this:

 Thou shall not whine!

Or tell them what I was really thinking instead of a smile and nod... but where would that get me? It would cause them to have a poor memory of me and bring me down to their level, and frankly, that's just not my style. Leave everyone with positivity, because you don't know when you will encounter that person again.

So this final week at VC, my goal is this:

Treat everyone how I treated them on my first day on the job. Smile, get my work done, and leave them hoping I made their world just a little bit brighter.

 Because let's face it, everyone hates a short-timer.


Thankful Day 14: Thankful for this opportunity. As hard as this job was, as little as I knew going in, and as many nights that I would cry to my husband about just not "getting it"... I got it. I figured it out and I pushed through my doubts and fears. I am thankful for a husband who never gave up on me, a supervisor who always encouraged me, and a director who patiently taught me. Without you 3, I never would have succeeded.

I'm not sure what life will be like for the next month or even the next 9 months... but I do know that I have learned more in the past year and half than I ever though possible... and that, my friends, is something I'll appreciate forever!

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  1. I found your blog from another~ enjoyed your post. Good luck on this next phase in your life. Thankful for your hubby and men who serve!