Friday, November 9, 2012

I confess.....

Ladies and Gents.... it's FRIDAY!!!
I work again tomorrow, but hey... Friday is Friday! Right?!

Link up with Leslie for some more confessions of the heart!
I confess that as I sat down to write yesterday's post I was not meaning for it to come out as our love story, but after I started writing I just couldn't stop. I love our story because it's so unique, and I just kept on going!

I confess that when I call Daisy's daycare I just say "Hey {insert name here} this is Randi Rodriguez" they automatically know who I am and who my dog is... good, bad I don't know. But I like it.

I confess that I'm a little worried about who will trim Daisy's nails when she and I go to Maryland. I made her bleed one time and I'll never come near her with nail trimmers again. How's Petsmart? Petco? Any experiences??

I confess that I drank this yesterday at 3:30 pm.

not all of it, but enough to keep me up until 1:00. oops.

I confess that we had pizza last night for dinner because I was too darn lazy to cook and clean. I ordered chicken too, does that count?

I confess that I got a text of this boy yesterday morning and it made my day!

Love. That. Face.

I confess that I hadn't cleaned my house in two weeks, until last night. That's long for me peeps, especially with a 90 lb hairy monster!

I confess that I'm going to see James Bond with my hubby this weekend. I tried to resist, and now I'm kind of excited to see it.... who am I?!

I confess these tights are adorable! And with my new black skirt and a grey top?
 but $21.00? Target, really?
MUK LUKS® Women's Patterned Microfiber Tights - Assorted Colors/Patterns
Is that the going price for tights these days??

MUK LUKS - Leopard Print Tights
These are cute too!

I confess that I am ONE PROUD NIECE! My Uncle Jim is a co-executive producer for the show The Vocie, and his name is at the beginning of the show now, instead of the end! In Hollywood - that's huge!

Go Uncle Jimmy!!!!

I confess that these 2 were extra cute last night... and that I got a little jealous that he was cuddling with her and not me ;)
kidding.... kinda. But who could resist that face?!

Now onto my Thankful day: 9....

I'm thankful for jackets, warm drinks, boots, a warm bed and a heater because this morning was 38 degrees! It felt like weather from back home!

Happy Friday pretty people!


  1. Those tights are adorable, but I'm with you on the whole not wanting to pay $21 for them. That's a bit extreme. Especially for us girls with dogs the size of horses who so easily - without meaning to of course - paw our legs in excitement and cause runs that ruin tights (this just happened to me a couple of weeks ago!) Um, can we talk about how cool it is that your uncle helps produce The Voice? Amazing! You and Andy need to get out there and watch a taping! And then come home and blog about it:)

  2. Your nephew looks so much like you!! That is so cool about your uncle Jimmy. That's your claim to fame! Love those tights. I'm really wanting to get into wearing winter dress/skirts with tights and boots when it's cold out. I'm not sure what makes me think I'll actually do this considering I don't wear dresses or skirts in the summer either but I really love that look! Enjoy your weekend. It's been two weeks and I need to clean my house but I really don't wanna!