Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Liz!


Thankful day 10: I'm thankful for my sister in law, Liz!
Liz and I were best friends for years.... and then I started dating her brother and now we are sister in laws! Thank you for everything that you have taught me and all the times you've been there for me Liz! You are so special to me and I cherish our friendship!

Liz's wedding day

My wedding day

{Frank, Liz & Andy}

Liz and 2 of her 3 brothers... I love this picture.

 See you in 1 1/2 weeks!

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  1. That's pretty cool Randi! SIL and BFF all in one. I like it.
    Would you come link up with me at Sunday Gratitude Link Up?
    Here is the address:

    Hope to see you!