Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goodbye for now...

Growing up I have always wanted to live in the South... so when Andy got his orders for Fort Stewart, Georgia I was pretty excited! I mean... big hair and sweet tea... what more could a West coast girl want, right??

That was almost two years ago... and let me be the first to tell you... I've learned SO much living here! For those of you or y'all as they say down here, here are a few things I've learned since coming to the deep deep southern part of good ol' U S of A!

States that are considered the South.....

- Grits go with every meal. Seriously. You can eat shrimp & grits, biscuits and gravy and grits, chicken and grits, and you can put nearly anything in them! I didn't even know what a grit was until I came down here!

- There's a certain way to say "Y'all" ... it's not "ya'll" or "yowall" it's "y'all".

- Tea is not tea unless it's sweet. And you don't just add some sugar to some tea... no, it's a whole afternoon lesson.

and don't be surprised if it comes in a mason jar

- Instead of saying someone is a mess,  you just say "bless their heart" and everyone knows what you really mean.

- The ladies down here dress up for a football game. Heels and dresses ladies... no t-shirt and jeans. And don't even bring up their football unless you are ready for a discussion. The women down here know SEC football more than half the guys I've ever met know about football!

- There is always some sort of biscuit with dinner.

- Meals are fried, 9 times out of 10.

- The ladies don't walk out of the house unless their hair is curled and set. And lipstick is on.

- If there's a celebration... they don't just bring their family, they bring the whole block.

- "Ma'am?" means "what", "pardon me" or "huh?" (took me a while to get that one)

- No ma'am and yes ma'am is expected when speaking to someone.

- Half of them work darn hard to get what the have, and the other half expect it to be handed to them.

- A "hot minute" really means a long time.
Example: I ain't seen you in a hot minute! (I haven't seen you in a long time)

- "Finin" really means "Fixin" and that really means "getting ready to... "
Example: I'm finin to finish that.

- They are durn proud of the South and all it has to offer.
(durn means darn)

We have met some pretty amazing people here... and as many days as it took me to get used to living in the South, I'd do it again in a minute! See you in 2013, y'all!


  1. The ONLY thing I would add is... you forgot Texas! To some, Texas is also considered part of the "South". But, hey... I was raised there, so i'm partial. :)

    So true about the ma'am part. I had to get use to that too. I don't think ma'am is considered a questions in Texas. Ha!

    :( I'm going to miss you sooo much! I must start blogging again...

  2. I will miss you SO much Randi! Hope your last day of work went well today and wishing you and Andy safe travels as you head out to be with family. Can't wait to be updated on everything whenever you get back. Please know that I will be thinking about you guys and praying for you as you face deployment and the new changes in your lives. Thanks for being such a sweet friend! And thanks for the comment on my post today - I will definitely miss hearing from you! Happy Thanksgiving:)