Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Future Furniture!

My first big purchase in my adult life was living room furniture. Not the most exciting thing in the world... but at the young age of 23, it was huge. I was so proud of myself to have a pretty couch and loveseat, and real end tables and a coffee table.... I was officially an adult. My little apartment was finally cute!

Well... that furniture made it's move from Idaho to Georgia with me and have served us quite well.... but it's time for some new ones. So when Andy told me that when he comes home from deployment, we can get a new living room set... I was thrilled!!

To me, new living room furniture = new living room decor! So of course... to pinterest I go.

Our couches now are a dark green microfiber, and they've held up very well... but I'm not sure I want a dark color next time. I definitely want the microfiber... but I might go with a khaki color, or a neutral tone. But I have to keep in mind... we have a dog. And someday in the future we'll have babies... and I'm needing our furniture to last a while, so it needs to hold up.

Here are a few ideas that I'm loving....

I love the chase lounge on this.... perfect for napping!


I also want some sort of accent chair.... I just feel like it gives the room a little character.

Corinthian Living Room Accent Chair with Ottoman
living room chair
New living room chair
Living room chair

I am leaning towards this type of curtain...
Cream flower topped curtains
Something simple, yet chic.

and I'm loving these rugs....

rugs rugs rugs


What do you have for furniture? Anything you absolutely love??


  1. Yay for new furniture! Love both of those sectionals and LOVE the idea of an accent chair - I have been trying to talk B into letting me get one for a while now. Unfortunately, the only 'accent chair' he wants is a LA-Z-Boy style recliner. So not what I had in mind...

  2. I love sectionals! Get one and get the little corner ottoman that goes with it because with that piece in the couch is perfect for cuddling up and watching movies. We went with a light color too. Sometimes I wish we'd gone dark just because you don't have to worry about stains but I really like our camel color. Microfiber feels nice. Love the rugs.