Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WILW { link up }

I'm loving that today is Wednesday! We are almost there friends, almost there!

I'm loving that I work 9:30-4:30 today and tomorrow! With an hour lunch, thank you! Except I work Friday... but that's ok, I'm loving my sleeping in/get off early schedule!

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this sign! Isn't this adorable?!?!
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I'm loving our new way of eating... more of this...


and this....

I really enjoy putting things into my mouth and not feeling guilty about what I just ate. It's a great feeling.

Did anyone watch RHONJ reunion, numero tres? Well, it was good... but I'm seriously loving the glitter eye shadow! I like Melissa's look best...

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I'm loving this picture of this cute boy and his Mickey Mouse from Uncle Andy and Auntie Randi!

I'm loving that it's finally feeling like FALL in the deep deep South!

I'm loving the encouraging emails and texts from my sweet sister in law's Liz and Jade!

Thank you sisters!! I couldn't do it without you!!

And of course I'm loving this man! He's my rock!


Paleo update: day 2 went ok... I was feeling a little crummy (sweats, dizzy, frustrated) towards the afternoon... My salad dressing spilt on my lettuce so my salad was soggy and I couldn't eat much of it, so I had meat and that held me over until I got home and was able to eat some nuts and fruit.

I think losing weight is almost like trying to shake a bad habbit. I feel like I'm detoxing my body... but I love that whatever I put in my mouth, I don't have a guilty feeling about. It's awesome.

Today's meals.... breakfast: scrambled eggs and 1/2 avocado, snack is almonds, lunch is a big salad with chicken, dinner is grilled pork chops with baked squash, red pepper and mashed cauliflower and my dessert is strawberries :)

I. Can. Do. This.


Another update....They are for sure sending 2 platoons from Andy's company to Afghanistan in December. There are 5 platoons in a company.... we will know by November 2nd if he is going or not.
Prayers are always appreciated :)
I know God has a plan, and His will will be done... I just wish we sometimes knew what that was.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Yay for day 3! You are strong, lady! You got this!

    Praying for you & Andy!!

  2. Will be praying for you and Andy! Keep us updated! And, I def watched the RHONJ Reunion and was LOVING Melissa's eye shadow. How can we replicate that look? Let's figure it out! It would be perfect for a date night or for the upcoming holidays!

  3. I hope he doesn't have to go!! It's so hard to always be waiting to find out what's going to happen to your life. Good luck with the Paleo.