Friday, October 26, 2012

These are my confessions.... { link up }

We have made it, y'all!
It's finally Friday and I'm so excited that I have an entire weekend off!! AND... we found out that Andy might not have duty! So it's a win-win in our house! I plan to do lots of cooking, baking, take my husband on a date (since he always takes me), a trip or two to the dog park and just being with my 2 favorites in Georgia!

Since it's Friday... you know that means it's time to fess up!
Link up with Leslie today to share your deepest, darkest confessions! 

1) I confess that I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and it's so ridiculously over-due (like 6 weeks over-due!) and I am not sure I've ever been more excited for a hair appointment. Ha! I'm thinking of doing some low lights with some bright high lights... we'll see. I usually go in thinking one thing and come out with something totally different! ha! I do want some darker in for the fall tho.  

Which do you like?

{ A }
blonde with lowlights

{ B }
Hair color - blonde with brown lowlights

{ C }
Pastel blonde , with chocolate lowlights

{ D }
Dark blonde with highlights and strawberry lowlights..I like this one.

 { all pics from Pinterest }

2) I've lost 7 pounds! I'm thrilled to pieces... and am still working on it. :) The other night we had baked pork chops with a side of this....
Sauteed' squash, mushrooms and onions. I'm obsessed with mushrooms and onions lately.

3) I'm happy that I'm losing, but I'm craving bad food like nobody's business. I had a stressful night last night and caved and am kicking myself for it... but today is a new day and so far so good!

4) I have a black pair of sandals that I wear with EVERYTHING... and they broke last week. Since then I've had to expand my wardrobe since I don't have a pair of black sandals that I like. And yes, I'm still wearing sandals... it's 80 degrees. I do have many other pairs of shoes, but those were just my every day go-to shoes. I miss them. :(

5) This little cutie makes me smile. Probably not a confession since every one knows how much I adore my nephews, but my SIL Jade is just so good at sending me pictures all the time and they make my day!

My dad taught him this finger pop thing... he thought Jade said "Grampy" instead of "Aunt Randi".

6) Speaking of grampy...
I have a little bit of country in me. I'll tell you why.... My mom texted me the other day "your dad got a deer! I'll send you a picture". Yes folks, we get excited over dad's "catch" of the day.

Isn't he adorable?!
7) I've been stressed out lately... So bad that my poor husband is getting the grunt of it... I need to figure out how to not get so frustrated over little things... any ideas?

 8) I got a new nail polish. Did I need one? probably not. Do I love it? YES!

It's essie "Master Plan"... might be one of my favs! It's a light grey color...

9) I don't like Halloween. There... I said it.
Scary stuff creeps me out, I don't like spiders, ghosts, skelatins, or anthing else Halloweenie... Give me some fall leaves and a pumpkin and I'll decorate anything but not the goblins. No thank you, no way.

10) I have big plans of taking my hubby on a date tonight. What are we doing? no idea.... but he always takes me on a date so I'm going to take him.

11) I sometimes think my Friday confessions are boring.... oh well.



  1. YAYAYAY!!! That is such good news about Andy:) I know you both must be so relieved! I like hair option B the best - and have still not gone in to have my own hair done either, so don't feel bad. I haven't had highlights since August, so it's getting pretty ridiculous! When I do finally go in, I am planning on a nice mixture of highlights and lowlights too - can't wait. Happy Weekend!

  2. Woohoo for your weight loss. Don't get own on yourself for one slip up. Just get in an extra 15 min walk and you will be fine! I totally relate to the shoe thing. I always find there is one pair that becomes my go-to and when they wear out...pure sadness. Your confessionals are not boring. They are sweet and endearing!

  3. Hair picture C is too blocky/chunky on the high lights. I like all the others. Love that nail color!!! Enjoy your weekend off.

  4. I love hair letter B... it would look great on you! I have a pair of black flip flops that broke on me last week too!! And I've seriously had them for like 3 years and I wear them with everything... I almost cried when they broke. And ever since... I've been missing them!! Glad someone else knows my pain.