Friday, October 5, 2012

TGIF!! { Confessional Friday }

We made it dear readers!! We. Made. It.

How is everyone?
I woke up SUPER tired today... but then reminded myself it's Friday and get out of bed! Even sweet Daisy didn't want to get out of her nice warm kennel... don't blame her there!

Link up over on Leslie's blog for some good confessions!!

Let's get started....

1} I cannot tell you the last time I've been more excited for a weekend off! I am thrilled to pieces to be able to sleep in tomorrow with my sweet pup and hubby! And I'm thankful for a dog who will sleep in when she sees her peeps sleeping.

2} I am having some NASTY heartburn/indigestion whatever it is lately. For the past month actually... and no, I'm not pregnant... I took a test yesterday... but oh boy it's not plesant! I think it's time to schedule a doctors appointment.

3} Lord help me and my sanity today. I confess I just want to tell a few people off, but I cannot.

4} This was dinner last night. Sitting in our bed, at 6:30. This is how we roll.
(and I wonder why I got heartburn.... right??) lol

5} Andy leaves on the 27th of this month for a training.... and won't be home until the 21st.... and I'm a little sad about it. Daisy and I will miss him so so much! Such is the life of an Army wife.

6} We haven't been to our favorite little Mexican restaurant in two weeks! They are going to forget our order! Maybe we'll go tonight.

7} As much as I sometimes don't LOVE living in the south ... GASP.... yes, I just said I don't LOVE living in the south, y'all. Take a trip to the West Coast then tell me this is the best place on earth.
.... they do have some pretty amazing sunsets and sunrises.

My view on the way to work this morning.

8} I confess that I just don't want to work today. But seeing as I have 3 students coming in, I better find the energey and get er' done. Happy thoughts appreciated.

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!
Let's all get out our party hats and make it through another day.


  1. That pizza looks so yummy. Totally worth the heartburn:) And, I won't lie - sometimes I don't love living in the South either. Particularly today, as it's supposed to be a balmy 87 degrees. In October! Boo:( I need to move to Maryland with you when you go! Happy Weekend:)

  2. Happy thoughts! Day is almost over!