Saturday, October 13, 2012

Something Special for Someone Special!!!

Normally I'm not a big fan of doing this but I think that today I would make an exception. Even thou I read her blog everyday.
My Beautiful wife asked me to plan a date for today and since she had to work today I had to spoil her. Many things went through my mind and of what I could do for her. I had ideas of what I can do and I wanted to keep it simple cause that's the kind of people we are. 

1st thing we did is go and get something to eat. We haven't gone to our favorite Mexican food (besides my mother's food of course) and every time we go there we see our favorite waiter and he tells us to sit wherever we wanted (it was early and not really a lot people there). It's funny when you go to a place and they already know your order. And let me tell you, the food there is really good and we will continue to go there as long as we are stationed here at Ft Stewart, Ga. 

 2nd Item of Business

I was kind of hinting to my wife that my feet hurt and if hers was hurting to (I was trying to hint to her our next event). She said, "No, my feet are fine." and I just kept going until we arrived and she was like, "Oh that's why you were hinting if my feet were hurting. 

3rd event of the afternoon

Our next favorite thing to do is to go and see a movie. We had been seeing previews for it and thought it looked funny and good. And since I like MMA we thought we give it a shot. Overall it was a very good movie with a good message in it. So I would highly recommend this movie for people to watch. 

4th event of the afternoon

We were done with the movie and my wife asked me if there was anything left to do for our date night. I told her no but secretly I was taking us to go and get ice cream at our favorite spot. So we didn't go the normal route to go home and I casually turned into the parking lot to get some ice cream. 

Final Statement

At the end of this wonderful day I get to lay with the most precious thing in my life, she is my rock and she helps me when I am down. We both played songs of which it reminds of each other. And mine is part of a Justin Beiber song (Yes I just put Justin Beiber) and its actually it's not part he sings. The song is "As Long As You Love Me" and the part that he doesn't sing the other sings a part (paraphrasing the words of the song) "They ask which side is my best side and I take two steps back and point at you". She will ALWAYS be the best side of me. Without her there is no me. I Love You Sweetheart, Thank you for letting me a part of your life. My world would be lost without you. 

And of course our favorite dog in the world (our only dog) she lightens are day but most of the time she drives me and Randi crazy. But we love her, she keeps us on our toes. Can't have post without her in it.

(If you haven't noticed it by now, you all probably did. But this is her husband writing this blog post)


  1. Oh my gosh.... best date EVER!! And so sweet your hubs blogged about it! You are one lucky women :)
    And now I'm going to see if my hubs will take me out to Cold Stone because I NEED some :)