Thursday, October 11, 2012

Silly Dog & an update!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am so happy it's almost FRIDAY!! Who else is ready for this week to finish??

So funny story... last night I was sitting on the couch with Daisy, and I looked over to her and said "Daisy, mommy's going to take a bath" (yes, I talk to my dog)... well all D heard was "bath" so she jumps up and runs towards the back of our apartment.... and this is where I found her.

My sweet girl LOVES her baths, and she heard the magic word and was ready to go! She did need one anyways, but I like to bathe her on the weekend right before I clean the bathroom... but instead she got a bath and momma got a work out!

Then after she was all dried off, she was relaxing in her spot next to her daddy. She is constantly making us laugh (and go crazy at the same time) with her little quarks. She has quite the personality and it shines through every day! I'm so thankful for this girl, she's gotten me through a lot!

So good news.... Andy is NOT deploying in December!! I'm thankful to have my hubby home with me (for now at least)! Being an Army wife is hard, you just never know what your next weeks, months or even years could hold... but for now we know that he will be home safe and sound. I'm very happy he will be home for Christmas since Christmas isn't my most favorite time of the year (my first dad passed away the day after Christmas and it's always a bitter-sweet holiday for me)... so I need to start buying some decor' and we need to make our own traditions since in the years ahead we won't always be home for the holidays.

What are some of your Christmas traditions??
I definitely want to get a hot bevie and go look at Christmas lights and then come home to watch a Christmas movie in our pj's on Christmas Eve.... but that's really all I can think of... any help would be appreciated! I always love hearing about other families traditions.

Tune in tomorrow for Friday Confessions.... and most importantly Happy Friday Eve!!

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  1. YAY!!! So happy to hear that Andy is not deploying in the near future. What good news:) And, seriously, could Daisy be any cuter? What a lovebug! That picture of her sweet little face sitting in the tub for bath time just kills me! I wish Ellie loved baths like that. She tolerates them okay, but she would def not run to get in the tub by choice!