Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make-Up -- Link-Up!!

It's time for my very first link up! I might have 0 people participate or I might have 20! Who knows... but I love talking makeup, so join me... will you??

This isn't my makeup bag, but I think it's hilarious and had to share it!
makeup bag!!

Now I am not a professional make up artist by any means... but I've always loved wearing make up and trying new things... so I thought it would be fun to share what's in our makeup bags!

I am not one to posses natural beauty... without my makeup I look like I'm half asleep and white as a ghost... so I for one am a fan of the cover up, fake or not.

Let me tell you what are some of my favorites and an absolute must in my book!

(All of this can be found at Sephora or Ulta!)


I always, always use a primer. It makes the foundation go on much more smooth and tends to last longer in my opinion... These are some great ones, but you must use what works for you!

I'm using the Mary Kay one right now... I like it, but don't love it.....

I've used bare essentials for YEARS and will continue to use it until I die find something just as good.

For those special occasion nights, I use a little bit of MAC foundation under my BE and it gives a fancier look....
(MAC is my weakness)

For my pasty white cheeks, Bobbi Brown does the work.
This may look very bright pink, but it's the perfect splash of color to my white white skin.

The Eyes....

This is the only picture I could get of my eye makeup... since my eyes are usually open in pictures...
(please excuse the sweet pup in my face)

Like I said... I love MAC.... especially when it comes to eye shadow!

Woodwinked and Yogurt are some of my absolute favorites!

If you have blue eyes, you are suppose to lean towards the golds/tans/browns... every other color of eye, I have aboslutely no idea because I only have blue eyes. :( But I'll do some research if you need me to!

Perfect combo!

I love an eyeshadow that will give you a good shimmer too!

You can find this at your local Target or Wal Mart... it's Covergirl Color stay and it's almost the exact colors as some MAC eye shadows and I love it just as much!

Some days I think I'll be brave and go without eye liner... then I look at myself and realize I look like I'm missing something... so I gave up on that. I need eyeliner like a football player needs a helmet! (you like that analagy honey?)...

This is my MOST FAVORITE eyeliner in the world and it does not smudge! I love it! Totally worth the $20.00 or whatever it is at Ulta.

I've used every. single. mascara under the sun.... This is my fav. Always will be probably. After a good lash curl this does the trick! I was not blessed with long lashes but this makes it look like I was.

And then I top off with this at the ends to make them have that false/natural look.


(trying to show my lips)

I've never been a fan of BRIGHT LIPS.... about once or twice a year I'll be bold and slap on some red lipstick... but then I usually end up wiping it off and telling myself I look like a clown. I just can't do it... I wish I could.

Instead... I have my trusty MAC lipstick. This is "lustre" and I've used the same color since my early 20's. I even wore this pretty thing on my weddin' day!

And my most favorite non-sticky shiney  lipgloss in the world! Good ol' Bath & Body Works!
This one tho, not the dark green... feels like I put honey on my lips. No thanks.

My favorite every day chap stick is any flavor from GAP. I love it, and for $3.50 I'll take two!

My secret to keeping my face clean....

This in the morning....

This in the evening....

Followed by this before bed

Join me in showing our secrets will you??


  1. I love MAC Woodwinked - one of my faves! I too am a firm believer in eye liner and blush. I've got the fair skin/blue eyes thing going on too, and I just don't feel like I look right without a little something on my cheeks and eyes! I wish I would have known about the link up a little earlier. I had already planned my weekend review for today, so didn't have anything ready for this makeup link up. But it's such a good idea - I love reading about what products people use! I hope a bunch of people link up!;)

    1. It was a TOTAL last minute thing so I wasn't expecting anyone to link up... but I'll do another one soon (with a little more notice) since I now know how to use that thing. :)

  2. I use Oil of Olay for wash and for moisturizing. I use the day cream for day and then a night cream for bedtime. Love that stuff. I'm not sure how much business I have participating in a make up link up 'cause I mostly don't like wearing it that much BUT-then again that could be the very simple perspective. Props to you for figuring out that darn link up thingy. I haven't gotten around to trying but I've seen it around.