Monday, October 15, 2012

Blessed, Paleo & Auctions!

Happy Monday!!!

Normally I would do a "weekend recap" but my sweet husband blogged!! Click here to see how he spoiled me on Saturday (and every day).
I am a lucky, lucky lady!

Today we started Paleo! If you didn't see my post about my "goal" click here and you can see what I am starting...

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with chunks of grape tomatoes and a big 16 ounce bottle of cold water. It was actually pretty delicious! Lunch is chicken salad with avocado in a salad, snack is an apple and dinner is steak with mushrooms and a big spinach salad.

Thanks for all your encouragement about my struggle and for commenting on Andy's first (and hopefully not last) post! Maybe one day he'll come back since you left such sweet comments.

On another note.... The silent auction for the Turner family starts today. Go see Sarah's blog for more info! All the proceeds go to Julee and Preslee!

Happy Monday everyone!

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