Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Link Up! { WILW }

Link up over at Jamie's blog for what you are loving today!

1. I'm loving that it's the first day of fall quarter! As crazy as today is, I love the hustle and bustle in the halls, the students excited about their first day of college, the lost faces that REALLY appreciate when you say "can I help you find something", and the pride I feel for a student that I helped enroll in college.

2. I love that this little girl follows me all over when I get ready in the morning.

She even knows the routine... after mommy showers she gets a treat while I get my morning coffee :) And when I pour a bowl of cereal, I'll "accidentally" drop a few pieces of Kix on the floor for her. She get's SO excited about that.

3. I'm loving that my mom's surgery went very well and that she didn't have any pain (as of 7:30 last night).

4. I'm loving that it's my brother in law and sister in law's anniversary today!!!!

Happy Anniversary Liz and Pat!!!

Aren't they a gorgeous couple?? Hearts of gold too!!

5. I'm loving that it's already Wednesday... and that I have two days off this weekend!

6. I'm loving that my car is back!!  I didn't realized I missed the little thing until I was without it for two weeks. It's the perfect commuter car!

7. I'm loving that this little girl loves to take naps with her momma. And that she will snuggle as close as she possibly can get to us.  

Yes, she did sleep like that the entire time too. Bless her little doggie heart!

8. I'm loving that my husband let me fall asleep super early the last few nights and didn't even complain about having to take Daisy potty, not getting a goodnight kiss, or anything else. He knows I'm exhausted and just lets me snore. Thanks babe, love you!

9. I'm loving that we don't have a single thing on our agenda this weekend.... I'm hoping for a rainy day so we can just stay in our pajamas and enjoy each other's company.

10. I'm loving these pictures of Andy and I from over the years...

March 2010 ~ First Date (side note: my roots weren't THAT bad, it's the flash of the camera. I just had my hair done ;) )

November 2010 ~ Engagment Picture

September 2012 ~ Andy's birthday weekend

What are you loving??

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  1. Stories about our pups just make my heart happy. Ellie sits next to me while I eat my cereal every morning hoping for a 'dropped' cheerio or frosted flake. Which happens more often than not. By accident of course;) Love the pics of you and Andy. You two are too cute together!