Friday, October 12, 2012

It's FRIDAY! { link up }

It's that time again... let's hear the confessions!
Link up with Leslie for some other confessions!

1 I am SO happy it's Friday and I'm off at NOON!! I work tomorrow, but that's ok because I did all my Saturday chores last night so I can still enjoy my Saturday :)

2 I had an extremely hard time writing this post yesterday. The tears were flowing as I typed out each line... but it was just tugging on my heart to put it all out there. I don't know how or why I remember that event like it was yesterday, but I do and maybe it's because it gives me an opportunity to share my story with others. Either way, I'm glad I got it out there.

3 These two make my heart melt. We were all relaxing last night after we had dinner and I just had to smile. They are my life and I love them both so much!!
my husband will probably shake his head at me for putting this picture up, but they are just so cute! See Miss Daisy laid out on the top of the couch like a cat?? weirdo.

4 I confess that I wish it was Thanksgiving already. Not for the food or the pie, just mainly for the four days off. I need a vacay!

5 I confess that my sweet blogger friend Jessica is one of the only people who keep me blogging! Why, you may ask? Because she is a faithful commentor! I know you others (Andy, Melody, Mom, Jody) read the blog but sweet sweet Jessica leaves me a comment on almost every post! Thank you Jessica :)
Go check out her blog, I started following her during the time that she and her hubby lost their baby and my heart just broke for her... the strength that this sweet lady has is amazing! I always look forward to logging in and seeing what she posted for the day.

6 I confess that we still use this sign each and every week!
Sarah over at Life {Sweet} Life blogged about it here and all you do is print it off and put it in a picture frame and purchase a dry erase marker. We have it in our bathroom where we change it every week or so... it's Andy's turn since I've done it the last few weeks.... (hint hint honey!!) ;)  

It's one of my very favorite things.

7 I am not in the mood to work today. Just sayin....

8 I confess that I yelled at my blow dryer this morning. Yes, yelled at the blow dryer.... it broke on me! wouldn't you have yelled at it too??

9 I confess that when I'm off at noon I'm going to the closing of the Lane Bryant store (75% off people), getting a few things and then possibly getting my eyebrows waxed, a pedicure and grocery shopping. Or I might just say forget it all and go take a nap with this cutie below...

I'll let you know what I decide.

10 I confess that I plan on making a big pot of chili this weekend and am going to attempt to sit through a day of football with my husband. He's sat through quite a few reality tv shows with me this week, so I kinda owe him....

11 I confess that I'm starting Paleo this week. You can read more about it here . I need to lose about 50 pounds so we can start trying to have a little one next year sometime. YES, you read that right.... Daisy will have a little Rodriguez to chase around sometime in her life. So hold me to it, ok?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your day is as amazing as you are!


  1. I yell at inanimate objects ALL the time, it feels good.

    Good luck with the Paleo lifestyle. My bf swears by it. I like carbs too much, but I'll dabble every now and then. Make sure you check out different recipie books to keep things interesting!


  2. Awww, thanks for the shout out Randi! I just can't help but comment on your posts - most of the time because I feel like we are so similar, and I just have to tell you:) And, I love all the cute craft ideas Sarah posts on her blog. That sign is adorable - what a neat way to share sweet little notes to each other. I like!:)

  3. You are revealing my secret life of blog stalking. ;)

  4. I'm envious of your weekend already! A big pot of chili, eyebrow wax, pedicure, and a nap. Sign me up! I hope you have a great weekend. I'm stopping by from Confessional Friday link up.