Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Frustrations { and confessions }

You know those days that you just don't want to get out of bed and go to work.....
That was me today... it doesn't even help that it's Friday. I just don't have another ounce of energy in me. So... here's to hoping I have an attitude adjustment pronto, because in about 4 hours I have to go rehearse some graduates for graduation tomorrow... and lemme tell you, they don't listen.

wish me luck.

Anyways... onto bigger and brighter things... it's time for Friday confessions!!!

Link up with Leslie!

1.  I have a sour attitude today. I was fine until a little incident, now I'm just annoyed and frustrated. Get over it Randi!

2. I have a sock in my hair.
The top one was before my coworkers helped me fix it, the bottom one is better :)

2. This was dinner last night. Sauteed mushrooms, onions, squash, baked peppers and celery with a pork chop. DELICIOUS!

3. This little cutie makes me want to have kids. He's. So. Darn. Cute! Love him!

{thanks sis for the picture}

4. I ventured out today for an outfit and I really like it!
I'm wearing a purple blazer.. kind of like this...
Purple Blazer
A black top kind of like this under it...

with some jeans!
 I got the blazer yesterday when I wanted to eat something bad, instead I shopped and got it for $10.00. Win-Win.

5. Our school's first graduation is tomorrow. I'm on the committee. It should be interesting, let's just put it that way. We'll see how everything goes after rehearsal.

6. I'm ready for this phase of living in the South to be over. There are people here (I'm not saying ALL people here) but the ones I've come in contact with are so closed minded. We are not still living back in time, we are all equal and everyone should be treated the same. Nuff said.

7. With that being said, I would attempt to live in another city in the South. Just not this one anymore.
Been there, done that.
8. I wish I could enjoy my weekend at home with my husband instead of doing another work event. I'm over it. Especially since he's most likely deploying in less than 2 months.
9. I'm going to stop here since my tood doesn't seem to be getting better.....

sorry folks. just one of those days.


  1. You're entitled to 'one of those day'. Hope the weekend offers much needed R&R. I like the expression hearding cats when it comes to trying to make big groups of people do what you need them too. Frustrating!
    Your dinner looked yum and your nephew is adorable! So there are two things to make you feel better :) Take care!

  2. YES! I LOVE the sock in your hair!! I do that, too!!!