Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Family { A Link up }

Sarah is doing a link up about one of my most favorite sites! Pinterest :)

My Pinterest name is randirod in case you want to find me!

So... I knew I wanted to do some sort of  "family wall" in our home because let's be honest... I adore pictures. All over. :)

I fell in love with this sign when I saw this pin, and guess what.... I found it! At Hobby Lobby for 50% off! Yes please! So, I bought it and made my own wall...

This was my other inspiration.... I LOVE black and white pictures, but I wanted to save that for another part of the house... but I just love how the frames aren't lined up perfectly and really just randomly placed. This works VERY well for me since I'm the one hanging the pictures and even tho I'm OCD, when it comes to hanging pictures I just do it.

So.... here's how ours turned out:

The Family sign is at the top... one of our engagement pictures is the middle and largest and then our family surrounds it.
Do you see the bottom right? That black thing is the TV... so when I sit there watching TV I can look over and see all of our family :)

Here's a little close up....

And this is the view sitting on one of our couches.

As soon as we get more pictures, I'll add to the wall.... but for now, I love that we can look over and see our parents, brothers, sisters, and our sweet nephews.

So there you have it, my pin :)


Totally off the subject of pinterest:

I am almost at my picture limit.... I had to delete an old post to make room for these pictures... but how to I overcome this? Do I really have to pay a monthly fee? Because let's just face it, that won't fly with the hubby! Or me, I don't really want to pay to blog. Any advice would be great! I'm stuck when it comes to this ol' blog.


  1. Love it! Super cute:) And, excuse me, what? There's a picture limit? I've never heard of that. Now, I'm worried...

  2. Yes, that's what it told me Jessica :( I was so sad!