Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Congrats, Mr & Mrs!

This is Andy's best friend Luke. They have known each other for quite some time and have been through alot! Andy was there for the birth of his precious daughter Grace, they were there for each other through their up's and down's, and Luke was Andy's best man at our wedding...

And this past Sunday, Luke got married!!!!
Unfortunately, because the Army is so strict Andy was not able to make it to the wedding (back home in Idaho), but he did recort a very sweet toast that Luke's wife Cassandra had set up and played at their reception. (Thanks Cassandra, that meant alot to Andy).... and after sweet Luke watched the toast, he called Andy to thank him. (at his reception!) He's such a sweetheart and I know Andy cherish's his friendship so much!!

Here's the sweet couple! (taken from their facebook page...)

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Luke McManamon!!!!!!!!

We wish you nothing but the best in your life together!!

We love you! ~ Andy & Randi


On another note.... Paleo is going well! I'm going to call mine "Jaleo" ... because I swear I texted my SIL Jade like 10 times yesterday asking her "can I have this?" ha ha!! get it? Paleo/Jade? Jaleo....

We had a big salad with chicken for lunch... dinner was steak, salad and avocado, today is more salad, chicken, broccoli and a little bit of fruit. I feel good so far, a little tired but I think that's just my body getting rid of the toxins. I have to tell you... I made about 20 trips to the "potty"  yetserday. TMI? sorry.

As I said on twitter.... #bringingsexyback

Happy Tuesday y'all!!

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  1. I commend your determination! That's a pretty strict diet. I wish you success!