Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday, Graduation and Paleo!

Monday, Already??

I only had part of a weekend because we had our schools graduation on Saturday and I was downtown for that ALL DAY but after a lot  few kinks it turned out well and the students were SO happy!

Thank you for your sweet comments about my frustrations I was just having a bad day and let it all pour out! I am better now... actually I was over it that evening when my sweet husband took me to dinner and a movie. He knows how to turn my frown upside down and I adore him for it! We did break the paleo and had popcorn... but got the medium size instead of the jumbo thing. We both love popcorn... so that was a good improvement. :)

We got to face time with our sweet nephews last night! (and Andy's brother Frank and his wife)
These boys are too cute! We miss them A LOT!

 Yesterday I made Paleo Quiche, it's a recipe my SIL sent me and it's SO good! Andy on the other hand, didn't LOVE it... he ate it but said it's not something he would have every day. I made it so I could just grab it and go on my days that I work early.
It has eggs, coconut oil, bacon, tomatoes, onions, spinach and artichokes. Yum!

Yesterday my sweet sister turned 16!!!
Happy Birthday Hattie-Pie!!!
I can't believe she's already 16! :(

When she was little, she would makes these faces and say "MAD Hattie".... "HAAAAPPY HATTIE!!!"
It was adorable!!

She sent me a picture making those same faces 15 years later....
She went from an adorable little girl into a beautiful young lady, and I'm proud to call her my sister!

My sweet sister in law Liz started a new blog!!!!!
 Go show her some love at the Misplaced McLennas!!

Not really any news on the deployment end.... his name is on the list but they still haven't cut orders... so once we receive those it will be official. :( I kind of had a break down last night... it just hit me as he was in the other room that he is leaving. I was complaining that we watched football off and on all day, but I would rather watch football until I'm blue in the face with him by my side than be able to watch my own smut TV without him there. He, like a good husband would do, just let me cry it out and then showed me a picture of Jack (our nephew) that was on the wall next to us and said "this little guy is going to get you through this".... and it's true... I'm SO thankful to my brother, sister and nephew for taking Daisy and I in and helping me get through this. I can't thank them enough!!

It was a good weekend in all... thankfully I have this weekend off but Andy has duty on Sunday, 24 hour duty at that! :( and then I work next Satuday. Ugh.

Happy Monday :) 

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  1. The little girl to grown up Hattie pics are just adorable!! Love both sets. That Paleo quiche looks pretty tasty to me! Kind of like a hash. Only thing missing is potatoes.