Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Loving!

Happy Wednesday!!! Although around  here it feels like Saturday! I am putting off  about to jump in the shower and get ready.... but first I thought I'd share a few "what I'm loving" tid bits! 

I'm loving that I have a very sweet, caring, compassionate husband to take care of me after my car accident! 

I'm loving that in about 2 hours we'll be in the car on the way to the airport to pick up Liz, Pat and Britt!!!! 

I'm loving that I was smart and took the entire day off (instead of just a half day) to get the last minute things done around here, so the house can be clean and nice when they arrive :) 
.... I think I've cleaned it about 3 times since Saturday. OCD much??


I love that Daisy has a good daycare to go to (so she doesn't have to be in her kennel for 9 hours while we drive to Jacksonville), but I sure do miss my little shadow!! 

I'm loving my new makeup! It's not NEW new, I've used the same stuff for quite some time but I recently stocked up and it's nice to have fresh new stuff! :)

I'm REALLY loving that I have the next 6 days off. I needed some time for myself and to spend with my family so I can come back to work with a positive attitude and feel re-juvinated!

Now it's time to go get ready! What are you loving today?

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