Friday, September 28, 2012

TGIF! { Friday Confessions }

Friday's confessions are back!!! Well, they were back last week but I was "off" from the blogging world.... so today they are back for me!

Head over to Leslie's blog to see more.....

1) I confess that the outpour of love about my post yesterday has made us feel so special! The calls, the comments on the blog, the texts and everything else just made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! It's not an easy thing, a deployment, but just to know that there are people praying for us, thinking about us, and helping us is so appreciated!!! Thank you!!

2) I confess that I am SO thankful that our sweet Daisy is so good with kids... because she and I will be going to Maryland to live with my brother, his wife and baby Jack while Andy is gone and since Jack is only 1, I feel a lot more at ease knowing this girl adores kids!

Here she is with our sweet friends son CJ.

3) I confess that I am exhausted.... and ready to curl up in the bed...but it's "black out week" at work and it's mandatory overtime until next week... so we must keep on treckin' .... but hey, overtime is always welcome in my paycheck ;)

4) I confess that I'm SO ready to bust out the boots! It's suppose to be in the 70's next week here in Georgia so thank goodness for that! I'm pulling them out of the closet as soon as it hits 79! ;)

5) I confess at the beginning of this week I was feeling SO OVERWHELMED ... but I'm just at peace now. And it's a wonderful feeling!

6) I confess that I'm LOVING this for fall....
And I just love Essie period!

7) I confess that I was the iPhone 5. Just to see if it's really *that* great.... but I'll wait, since my contract isn't up for another 6 months or so....

8) I confess that I need my roots touched up... but I just don't feel like paying $120.00 for a hair appointment... especially since I have to pay a $500 deductible for my car accident... ugh. The joys of being a woman! Thankfully my hairdresser did the highlights in a way that I can stretch it out and it doesn't look TOO terrible.... but of course, I'm my own worst critic.

9) I confess I wish I would rock this....
Cute outfit - long sweater; black tights
Because it's adorable....

10) I confess that the most exciting thing about moving in with my brother, SIL and nephew for 8 months (give or take).... (other than being around people who will help me get through not having my husband during that time) is the fact that my sister in law is a certified CrossFit Trainer and will help me with my weight loss goal!! They eat VERY healthy and working out is in their day to day routine... so I will make sure and track my journey... on this blog of course... and give you tips that are helping me. For now.. I'm going to try to continue to lose what I can, but come December.... it's full force baby! When Andy comes home to me next fall... I'll be rockin' a bikini!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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