Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

Where were you when you first heard the news of this tragic even 11 years ago?
I was in my early morning government class... the principle came over the loud speaker and told everyone to turn on the tv in their classrooms. We watched as the horror filled America. One building, then the other... then not long after that another building, this time in our Nations capitol.

All I could think about was getting home where it was safe. But America didn't really know what safety was anymore.

11 years ago and it still feels like it was yesterday. What are we going to tell our children's children? How will we be able to put into words the loss and sorrow that America felt the day we were tormented on our own soil?

I, for myself will tell them that freedom is not free... that no matter how hard you fight, you still can't assume that you are safe... and that most importantly hold close the ones you love because you have no idea when it will be your last time.

I am especially thankful for these men in uniform today and every day!

My handsome husband.

My brother (USMC Pilot, My SIL who also served for 9 years in the Marine Corps)

And my baby brother.


September 11th has another special meaning to my family and I.... It's my sister in law's birthday!!

This girl is heaven sent!
She is one of the most amazing, sweetest, caring ladies I know! She's an AMAZING mother, uplifting wife, awesome sister in law and most of all one of my very best friends. I could not imagine a better lady for my brother and she fits into our family perfectly!!

Happy Birthday Jade! We love you!!!

** amazing picture taken by our family photographer Katie Lacy... if you are ever in Arizona, go to this girl! She's awesome! **

Andy had 24 hour duty starting yesterday at 9 am, so this sweet thing got to sleep with momma! She was thrilled! I didn't sleep so well (never do when my hubby isn't next to me)... but Daisy on the other hand slept like a baby!

love her.

I saw this quote on twitter.... So true and so amazing.

I am wearing my blue and white (don't have red) today .... I feel like we should wear patriotic colors on this day just like on 4th of July, memorial day, and in our family the Army's birthday ;)

I have no idea why my hair almost looks red... it's not, I promise.

Say an extra prayer for those fighting for our freedom tonight. They could use it.

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  1. Love this post, Randi! Your family just seems so sweet. And, get this: my husband was on call yesterday too! Last time Andy had duty, my hubby was on call. So weird! So Ellie was keeping me company last night too, just like Daisy was for you! I totally agree with you - 9/11 should be a day that we all rock some red, white and blue. And blondes look great in red. I don't have anything red either - we need to go and get some!