Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Weekend!

I have the Sunday blues! I'm sitting here trying to think of what we've done this weekend... and then I remembered that I worked yesterday so it's been a bit of a crazy weekend. 

But as long as I have this guy beside me, it's a perfect weekend in my book!!

This girl too. My 2 favorites!

Friday night after I got home we went to the movie and saw The Trouble With The Curve 
Has anyone seen it? It was actually really good! It was a cute story and Clint Eastwood had me laughing. Then Saturday I worked for a while and we went and ate dinner at the PX and went to another movie on post. You know Andy and I love movies :) We saw The Campaign.... and to be honest, I wasn't too impressed. It had some funny parts but wasn't amazing. 

Today we slept in until almost 11 (after not going to bed until midnight) and have just been lazy. Daisy took me for a walk (yes, you read that right), I cleaned up, cooked dinner and watched football and Lifetime movies. My kind of a lazy day! It was the first day in a few weekends that I could just relax and sleep in. Even when our family was here, we were still go-go-go so it was a nice little break. Although, I'm very ready for 2 days off. :) It's going to be a bit of a crazy week so I better get a good nights rest!

Happy Monday to you! (unless you read this Sunday night) ;) 

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