Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Marine!

16 weeks ago my baby brother graduated from High School.
13 weeks ago he left for the Marine Corps.
While other kids were picking out college dorm room decor, making plans of what they were going to wear to their first homecoming game, and planning for everything that pertains to life out of high school .... my brother was learning how to survive in the wild, becoming even more of an expert shot with his weapon, disassembling, cleaning and reassembling his weapon in 60 seconds or less, learning what the Marine Corps values were, earning his title of United States Marine, taught how to kill a person with his bare hands, and so much more. 
The ammount of respect I have for this 18 year old kid is amazing. He joined when he was 17 and knew exactly what he wanted to do since he was a little boy.
Serve his country.  
Tomorrow he will walk the boot camp graduation line with his fellow Marines not knowing what the future will hold...

But he knows one thing... he's got a family that will support him through anything and lots of people who love him!

Nate and my mom on the way to a concert in 2010.

Making sure I was fed before our wedding started.

Best uncle in the world!

Best brother and friend we could ask for.

and just plain handsome!!


Andy and I are so proud of you!! We wish so badly we could be in San Diego with you right now celebrating... but as you will see, the military dictates your every move. You are an amazing young man and I've loved every second of watching you grow. Stay safe kid! We love you so much!!

Love, Andy & Randi


  1. That's so awesome that he knew exactly what he wanted to do since he was a kiddo; and so honorable that it was to be a Marine. He's so grown up for someone who is still technically a teenager.

  2. Yah, for graduation! So thankful for his service!! I recognize a couple of those pictures!! :]