Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It'll be okay...

It was a Monday morning just like any other... coffee in hand, lunch in the purse I was on my way out the door. I was ready for my normal commute to work yesterday as I had the radio going and the crisp air through the window.... I cleared the traffic and saw that everyone in the oncoming lane was turning so I started to creep out into the road and then

a lady came out of nowhere and I crashed into her and she spun me to the side. A mountain of emotions came over me... needless to say all I could do was pull my un-drivable car off the road and get out and wait for the cops. I called Andy and was able to get out "come to the gate, I got into an accident"... I wasn't hurt I was just more shocked. Minutes went by and the driver of the other car was cussing me out and yelling and calling me names... all I wanted to say was "shut up!" but when the cop got there he said it for me. Thankfully he put her in her place and attempted to get all the information from us. Then I saw Andy pull up and he ran over to me and said "it'll be okay".... then the water works came. There was nothing that I needed or wanted more at that time... I just needed my husband and I needed him to re-assure me that yes,  it would be ok. I was crying, I was mad, I was upset that this lady wasn't being cordial, I just wanted to wake up from this bad dream!

Minutes passed by and everything was ok... the MP's (military police) got everything they needed, they towed my car away and Andy took me home. After all the madness calmed down he took me to the ER to make sure my neck wasn't anything more than whiplash. It wasn't. After 4 or 5 hours at the ER they sent me away with some muscle relaxers and told me to call if it got worse.

Today I'm sore, but nothing I can't handle. Our family comes tomorrow, so I'm hoping my meds help out while we have company.

Come to find out, the girl was speeding and not paying attention. Thanks lady.

My little Daisy kept me company while I slept off and on yesterday... she knew something was wrong. Dogs are so smart!

Tonight at 7pm my vacation starts.... and boy do I need it!
Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Girl, you enjoy the HECK out of that vacation. You deserve it! I am so sorry to hear about your wreck. Car accidents are always unfortunate, but it certainly doesn't make it any better when people act unnecessarily rude. So uncalled for. Glad to hear that you are okay! Get some rest and enjoy the time with your family:)