Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters {link up}

Well folks, it's official....3 more (4 including today) working days then I'm off for 6 whole days!!! And lemme tell you, after the hours I've been working I am SO excited!!
Yesterday was rough. Wednesday evening was rough. But today... today will be great. 

So.... here we go with Friday's letters!! I'm linking up with Ashley because let's face it, I like link ups and I don't have anything to REALLY talk about...

Dear Husband, I am SO thankful that you have been so patient with me... I really appreciate you and all you do! Dear Daisy, The excitment you got when I brought you your new toy from Target was ADORABLE! Best 99 cents I've spent in a while!  Dear Liz, Pat, and Britt, we are SO excited to see you in 5 days!!!! Dear weight loss, I'm sorry I've been stressed but we'll meet again soon. Dear Taco Bell, last night you really made cooking dinner way easier. Dear Husband, tomorrow I *might* drink an energy drink and clean our house top to bottom. Be ready. Dear Daisy, I know you hate the vacuum so what you are about to see tomorrow (the rug doctor) may just cause you to take your new toy and hide. Daddy will be there to save you, don't worry. Dear Work, I'm flyin solo after 1pm, so be nice!  Dear N'Sync, Thanks for waking me up with your "Bye Bye Bye" song this morning on the way to work (don't judge). Dear weekend, it will be a short one but nice to see you again. Dear Savannah weather, BLESS you for cooling down! Dear bloggers, thank you for your sweet words (that's you Jessica) yesterday! I promise to not complain TOO much! ;) Dear Daisy, I love your cuddles. Dear Husband, I love YOU!

love this cuddle bug.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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